Best Five Vaping Safety and Tips

 Mian Azhar
  Jul 26, 2018

In recent years, vaping has become quite popular and an increasing number of people seem to enjoy this hobby more and more. However, it is important to take some safety measures into consideration, especially if you want to make sure that you and those around you are always safe. It’s better to try to avoid any potential problems that could arise while vaping or handling a vape mod and its battery. In this article, we’ve gathered the best safety tips for you, so let’s take a look.

1. Try to stay as hydrated as you can

We all know that vaping is quite an enjoyable activity, but making sure that you won’t become dehydrated after using e-cigarettes is crucial. This has an even greater significance during the summer months, when you will definitely need to drink a large amount of water. So try to make sure that you always carry a bottle of water with you, wherever you go, and everything should be fine.

2. Avoid children and pets, and look after your e-liquid

It is of utmost importance to be responsible for your bottles of e-liquid, particularly if they contain nicotine. Do not allow any children or pets to be anywhere close to your e-juice, as they may not be capable of understanding what the bottle actually contains. Unfortunately, there have been already some situations when children accidentally drank e-juice. So just try to be completely sure that any bottles you might have with you are out of the reach of children and animals.

3. Don’t keep any battery in your pockets

If you want to avoid having your pants covered in flames, then you should think twice before adding an extra battery in your pockets when you go out. As tempted as you may be to do so, it’s better to avoid something than can easily turn into a bad experience. But if you really cannot stop yourself from carrying an additional battery with you, at least try to make sure that you won’t put anything else in your pocket or maybe go for a battery case.

4. Be extra careful with your vape if it gets too hot

It’s not uncommon for your mod to get a little bit warm if it’s being used frequently, but if it gets too hot for you to touch it, then it’s better to take a break from vaping. Be extremely cautious about this, as a mod that doesn’t have good ventilation might explode. Also, we recommend that you ensure your vapes are authentic, just to be on the safe side.

5. Stop using your mod if you notice anything unusual

In case you observe any strange behavior from your mod, such as having odd readings or turning itself on, discontinue its use immediately. It’s better to stay away from a dangerous mod, in order to avoid any unpleasant complications.

6. Avoid sunlight and moisture

The battery is more fragile than you would believe, so you have to make sure it is safe. Moisture and sunlight can be its biggest enemies. If you leave it out in the sun it might end up melted and it would be dangerous to use it. Other sources of heat should also be avoided. Also, it is vital that your batteries don’t get wet.

Extreme temperatures are also very dangerous. If you leave your batteries somewhere hot, such as your car during summer, their composition might be damaged. There is also the risk of explosion. Low temperatures can also make your battery inefficient.

7. The batteries should not touch other metallic items

If you carry some spare batteries with you, they should be stored properly. It can be very dangerous if they come in contact with other metallic items, or even with one another. Touching items such as keys or coins could lead to battery failure or even explosion.

It is recommended that you use some sort of container or case for your batteries. This way, they won’t touch each other and they will also be protected from other things such as moisture or extreme temperatures.

8. Avoid overcharging

Overcharging protection is a feature that most batteries have. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on it. Unplug your batteries once they are full and watch over them while they are charging. It is also recommended that you avoid charging overnight.

Best Five Vaping Safety and Tips

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