Best Investment Strategies For 2018

 Anamika Verma
  Jul 10, 2018

Smart and timely planning is all it takes to achieve goals that you have set for yourself. Whether that means buying a favorite car, saving for the down payment of your home, a home renovation or any other project that needs a large sum of money. It makes no sense to just store your money in ‘Savings Account’.

Take into consideration various factors like your income, your expenditure, your specific requirements and other important aspects to figure out the best investment plans for yourself. Determine whether you can afford to invest in equities or rather in fixed income securities. Following are some of the investment options you can consider:

Fixed Deposits

Considered as a rather safe investment tool, fixed deposits are perfect for more than one reason. You can easily create a savings for the down payment of your future home or for your child’s higher education.

An FD can also be the perfect way to plan your home renovation in a matter of a year or two. NBFCs offer the best rate of interest. Using the FD calculator, you can determine the return on investment (ROI). FDs offer you assured returns, flexible tenors and other advantages that a few other investment options can give you.

Invest in Gold

Considered an age-old investment tradition, you can rely completely on an investment of this kind. You can save your money through by buying jewelry or gold coins and biscuits. If you were to ever face an emergency where you need a large amount of money, gold can come handy for getting access to instant funds.

Stock market investments:

The risks associated with capital market should not really discourage you from investing in stocks and equities. You can buy stocks of a company at a lower price and sell them off if and when the stock prices soar. However, you certainly don’t have to concentrate all your money in stocks. You can always set aside some money – that you can take risk with – to invest in stocks.

Equity Crowdfunding

In this age of startups, equity crowdfunding seems like a good investment idea after all. Crowdfunding is where you and other people (the crowd) invest in a startup that is not listed on a stock market. You hold a certain number of shares in the company. Depending on whether the company does well or not, your investment will be affected likewise. There are several websites that give you access to equity crowdfunding platform where you can invest in promising Indian or foreign startups.

Investments in mutual funds and hedge funds

These are other popular investment options that are gaining more popularity in today’s times. A mutual fund is not a secure investment, unlike a Fixed Deposit. Your money gets invested in different securities in order to minimize risk from one certain company whose stocks may fall rock-bottom. But you can get lucrative returns if you opt for a well-performing mutual fund.

Public Provident Fund

A public provident fund or PPF is another investment option which lets you save and multiply money without the hassle of market risks. Just like an FD, a PPF can be opened for a fixed tenor. With low minimum deposit requirements, PPF is perfect even for low-income individuals. It is the government of India that sets a uniform interest rate. The PPF rate of interest currently (for the financial year 2018) is 8%.

Don’t Forget These While you are Investing

  • Start investing early on in your life.

  • The right move before investing is to find out about your risk profile. This will help you decide the correct investment options for yourself.

  • Set your goals before you invest.

  • Make sure that you are investing regularly.

  • Make a habit of reviewing your investments.

Start hunting for the best company to help you with your investment needs. Looking for the best FD interest rates? You should approach NBFCs to get the best deals when it comes to flexible tenors, rate of interest and other factors.

Best Investment Strategies For 2018

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