Best Place to visit in Bangalore for local sightseeing

 Sophia Peterson
  Mar 09, 2017

A holiday is always great fun and people can witness the charm and grace of a fabulous city during the vacation. Exploring a new destination is fun and when you are planning for a bustling city like Bangalore the joy doubles as the city in the southern part of India owe its own significance. It is a must to know more regarding the fascinating wonders around and make sure you enjoy the architectural gems as well as beautiful parks, landmarks in the Silicon Valley of India before leaving the heavenly city.

Discovering the beauty and elegance of the Bangalore city in two days is not very easy, but people can surely have a great time seeing the majestic locations and marvelous sightseeing attractions. Here is a simple way to plan two days through which covering the major attractions around the city is much easier.

Bangalore Palace

Start your holiday visiting the spectacular attractions, which include the Bangalore Palace which is known for the construction style as well as the intricate interiors. The finely decorated palace is an amazing place to spendtime and one can see the paintings which are of world-famous artists.The huge monument, is filled with elegance and a majestic spot to explore in Bangalore city.

Visveswaraya Museum

Bangalore is not just known for the architectural splendors and modern constructions, but there are several popular museums and galleries around the city.The Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is the home of various popular inventions.The place exhibitsdifferent types of machines along with the working and is divided in to various galleries which helps in witnessing the items displayed in each hall.

Ulsoor Lake

The Ulsoor lake is known for the scenic beauty and visitors can enjoy boating on the picturesque lake and enjoy a few stop overs.The recreational park and the Gurudwara are within the complex. This is a sightseeing wonder of Bangalore and people can get a great relaxation.

Cubbon Park

By evening just spend time in a popular park in the Garden City which grabs the attention of every tourist witha unique ambience. The Cubbon Park is located in the Gandhi Nagar is a perfect place to spend evening and one can see Doll Museum as well as the Government Museum in the park. Along with this one can even visit the memorial hall and the flower beds as well as the lawns amaze travelers.

Isckon Temple

Dedicated to Lord Krishna,this templeis a sacred place and is a one must visit location. One must not miss the varieties of snacks served in the form of prasadam and visiting the temple during the evening artisurely stands as a mesmerizing experience of the visitors.

High Court

Mostly known as the Attar Kacheri which means 18 departments this is the court complex in Bangalore and is a double storried building. A red stone construction which is located opposite to Vidhana Soudha and the classic architectural style reveals the interest of the ruler Tippu Sultan.This was built in 1867 under his rule and is a striking site.

Tippu Sultan Fort

This is one of the striking architectural wonders of Bangalore and this place is known for exceptional construction style. The fort is built in the Islamic style and is a worthy place to explore and witnessing the huge construction along with the garden and the architecture amazes every tourist.

Basavana temple

The temple is dedicated to Bull and is much popularin and around Bangalore. The Dravidian style of construction grabs the attention of travelers and the huge idol of the Bullamazes the devotes.This is one of the oldest temples of Bangalore and the idol was carved on a single rock.


The wonderful place of Bangalore the Lal Bagh gardens,surely stands as an exceptional part of trip as one can see innumerable species of plants in the vast place. The garden was founded by HyderAli and the garden is a blend of both rare and exotic plants. Thousands of flowering plants and the pool as well as the crystal palace are to be explored in the botanical garden.


A simple amusement park,which welcomes people to enjoy various water rides. People with kids can have a great time in the water park and is an awesome place to spend time.The thrilling place is apt for family outings and the rides are unique offering great experience.

Whether you tend to see the historical constructions or the historic sites, beautiful temples and modern buildings, then it is a must to stay for a couple of days and enjoy the mind-blowing attractions. Earn an unforgettable experience of holiday by exploring the Garden City of South India, Bangalore as there is a lot to watch around and rejuvenate yourself seeing the appreciated wonders in a pleasant weather of Bangalore.

Best Place to visit in Bangalore for local sightseeing

Sophia Peterson

Sophia Peterson is a travel blogger working as a freelancer and writes about travel. Love to explore new places. Passionate about travelling. Recently I had a trip to South India which is a perfect place for people to explore irrespective of culture, natural beauty as this state welcomes travelers to drown in the nature attractions but be cautious to spend a fabulous holiday. Bangalore is the beauty place of South India. For more visit us on: Facebook

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