Bills For The Aged: How Can Medicare Plans Work For You and Seniors

 Brittany Miller
  Jun 19, 2017

Senior citizens are one of the most beloved people in our society. They are the individuals with the most benefits from restaurant discounts to medical plans – our elders have discounts for almost everything. In any states, many home health cares to prioritize the accommodation of our beloved granddads and grandmas without having an issue in medical billing especially in Houston.

Most of these home health care programs rely on the Medicare plans of elders. It pays to have a Medicare plan for retirement. This kind of preparation will save your family a lot of stress from facing problems from medical bills that arise from health care and other concerns.

As someone who loves their parents or grandparents, here are some ways to help your grandma and grandpa get their bills done from their Medicare plans.

There are several types of Medicare but discussed in this article are the three most used Medicare plans. These plans will give you an idea of what Medicare plan to choose for your loved one.

Medicare Original

The Original Medicare plan is the program automatically given to anyone who enrolls in Medicare. This plan has coverage in both hospital and medical insurance.

Since this plan has two categories namely part A and part B, part A is the hospital insurance and the latter is on medical insurance. Be reminded that the federal government is the one managing these plans. The Original Medicare plan doesn’t also cover all of the medical responsibilities of the person.

Dental and optical issues, together with supplement buying are not in the Original Medicare plan. You can apply for Medigap insurance to get some more benefits and savings that the Original plan can't give you. Having this investment can generate significant benefits shortly.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare advantage is not much of the opposite of the original plan, but it is somehow different with more freebies compared to the former. First and foremost, the advantage plan is under the supervision of private insurance companies which makes the costs and the coverage change in a more or less unexpected pattern. They vary from policy to policy and company to company.

The Advantage plan also holds more benefits compared to the original plan since they can provide dental and optical benefits. However, this plan is costly compared to the initial plan, guaranteed that they are giving you the best of their services.

This plan also has Part C that involves drug prescription coverage which can help slip off some money for your budget when it comes to buying the necessary supplements for granddad and grandmom.

Medicare Part D

Plan D is typically under Original Medicare, but you have to purchase it separately because the private insurance companies that hold the Plan D have different policies to follow. This plan covers the drug prescription of the client helping cover up the budget for their necessary supplements.

The cost from company to a company may also vary leaving you to a wide range of choices depending on your budget. As long as you get to have a choice, and especially if the plan of your grandparents or mom and dad are under Original Medicare plan, adding Plan D is a smart move to make.


Medicare Plans and Social Security plans are benefits for our elders. They aid in paying the bills and some accounts for them. These projects and their programs aim to give effect in the life of our seniors aside from ensuring the comfort and care they deserve.

If there are programs like these that are willing to take part in our senior's lives, might as well use it to our advantage and live with it. These small discounts can give us little breathes from the pain of big bills and somehow help us get through. Above all these, it is an excellent way to provide comfort and love for elderly loved ones.

Bills For The Aged: How Can Medicare Plans Work For You and Seniors

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller is a medical billing assistant whose passion has always been on helping people. She is very compassionate and committed to providing the best assistance to those who are in need. Other than that, she loves to write and share about the things she knows in the field of health.

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