Birthday Party Games for Adults: Fun Unlimited

 Kevin Brown
  Jun 05, 2019

Your birthday party is worthless without doing any exciting things. Today, we will share awesome ideas for birthday party games for adults. You have abundant things to make your birthday special and memorable.

There are many things you can plan out on your birthday such as different types of themes, decoration, etc. to make your birthday party awesome you should follow these ideas. Your guests will also amaze with your preparations.

Birthday Party Games for Adults at Home:

We would love to talk on birthday party games for adults at home. If you are an adult then you must apply our suggestion for your birthday party celebration.

First of all, you are supposed to count the guests who are present at your home. According to the counting, you can judge which games will be appropriate for the present guests. It is also very important to know the age of the guests. Because there are many guests who are above 40 to 50 years old and the others are adult. So based on the age you can figure out properly. You can decide easily suitable games as per the age.

With all these things, the venue is also important. First of all, you must choose the right place before making a list of guests. It must be spacious for the guests. The space of the venue is also important as you are going to play birthday party games for adults. So based on the space of the venue, you can make a list of appropriate games.

You should take suggestions from the invited guests for birthday party games for adults at home. Their suggestion or interests also matter. If you ask them for the games you will get different ideas for the games. Let’s look at below the birthday party games for adults.

Pass the Parcel:

This is one of the most popular birthday party games for adults. Many of you may be familiar with this game. But we would love to share for those who are not aware of this game. 7 players are allowed to participate in this game. You are supposed to have a gift covered by a wrapper. You can use layers as you want. The participants are supposed to sit or stand in a circle. The game starts with passing the wrapped gift along with the music. The process of passing the gift continues until the music stops. The person is declared out; who gets the parcel at the time music stops will open the layers. The player who opens the last layer is declared a winner.

The Laughing Game:

The Laughing Game

It is a novel birthday party game for adults. It is a very simple and fun game. In this game, participants are taken to a large room. Individual participants are given words like “HO”, “Ha” and “Hee”. During this process, the person who laughs is driven out of the game. The participant who can prevent himself from laughing for a long time will win the game.

Balloon Shaving:

In this game, everyone has distributed an inflatable balloon with a marker pen. All the participants are given one minute to draw their face on the balloons. In the next level, the participants are given shaving cream to apply over the balloons. They have to shave cream with a knife. The person who finishes this task is a winner.

Few Birthday Party Games for Adults at a Restaurant:

We are going to share a few birthday party games for adults at a restaurant which can be played easily without disturbing others. Look at below.



It is a nice game with so many on your sheet. This game helps enhance your knowledge. For this game, you should select questions about different types of topics. This includes many topics like history, politics, movies, etc. The guests have to answer all the questions in the answer sheet. The answer sheets are swapped by one another. The person who has more correct answers is a winner of this game.


This is a nice birthday party game for adults. In this game, a person says one sentence, and the person next to him will repeat the same sentence. The same way the third person will repeat the same sentence adding his own word. Each guest will add their items and words what the other guests said earlier. This will continue until someone from the guests forgets sentence or an item.

We have shared the most unique birthday party games for adults which are really fun. Keep all these games in your mind for your birthday and celebrate it to the fullest.

Birthday Party Games for Adults: Fun Unlimited

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