Bitrate files can be converted to MP3 fast and easy

 Mian Azhar
  Aug 27, 2018

Nowadays, nobody uses his/her phone just for talking or texting. It’s no wonder since mobiles have become a combination of most devices we use in our daily activities and for fun reasons (pictures, social channels, business apps and more).

Our favorite music and videos are one of the best companions when we are traveling, spending time relaxing at home or sunbathing on a beach. Time passes faster and in a more enjoyable way when you are listening to music or watching videos. What could you possibly ask for more?

Well, here comes the problem. Not all files can be downloaded on every device because their size is too big. In this case, you’ll need to reduce it by converting the footages and turning them into MP3 audio files. You can do that by looking for dedicated programs online.

Conversion programs are useful in many situations

These tools are popular in the whole world. For example, if you live in Italy, you’ll most probably use keywords like convertitore gratuito da youtube an mp3 to look for them. It would work and you’d find a lot of options if you were looking for programs to convert videos from YouTube to MP3.

However, YouTube videos are not the only files which can be converted. WAV and Bitrate audios have good quality, but cannot be carried around due to their size. In this case, you’ll need to find ways for making them smaller and it would be great if the quality would remain in the same parameters.

Bitrate files can become MP3s in several ways

Every time you want to turn a Bitrate file into an MP3, remember that you have to choose wisely. There are many options out there, but not all of them are suitable for every device and operating system. Since most of the conversion programs are available for free use, you have to look for those which work and keep most of the Bitrate’s quality.
After looking into many converters’ features, we can make several recommendations to make your choice easier. These programs are free, work good, fast and are easy to install and use.

1.MP3 Quality Modifier
2. AmoK MP3 ReEncoder
3. Fre:ac – Free Audio Converter

If these tools won't work on your devices, you have several other options. Many users have tried using YouTube to MP3 conversion programs for turning Bitrate files into MP3s. The programs which we will further mention very useful and practical if/when others fail. Just as an example, we will mention:

4.GenYouTube – this program can be used for general download and conversion directly from YouTube to your phone, tablet or desktop
5. YouTube
6. MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter
7. YouMP34 Android App – like the name says this tool is very efficient for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files on Android devices
8. Documents iPhone App – Do you own an iPhone and want to convert videos from YouTube to MP3s on it? This tool is a must-have!

In addition, we will mention another important information: your Chrome or Firefox browser can become a useful tool for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. Last, but not least, you will get good results throughout the footage conversion process if you use the VLC Media Player.

Of course, you have to download and install whichever of the programs you choose before starting to use it. Some of them require a more complex installation and set up, while others are more easy to use. This is applicable to both Bitrate and YouTube video converters. Since you are getting ready to download material which isn't available as a free resource, no method is guaranteed to work.

In case you are still wondering if you can manage with the download and set up, don’t worry! You will find tutorials that guide your throughout the process and you can’t fail. Another option is to ask for a professional advice and after you learn the procedure step by step, you can start converting Bitrate files to MP3 by yourself.

One last important mention is that you need to be careful with legal matters. Not all the material you will find online is available for download. In some cases, you might need the owner’s written permission. Of course, it's perfectly safe and legal to download and convert your own content, in case you have it uploaded on some online streaming channels.

Find out more about the conversion process and enjoy your favorite music all the time!

Bitrate files can be converted to MP3 fast and easy

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