Boost your Business with Best WordPress Hosting Provider

 Ron Hazelton
  Jul 29, 2016

A great website always attracts users.

No matter what they are offering inside the website, a great website shall definitely have certain user desired features for sure like easy content customization without actually requiring a developer’s help, theme design flexibility, easy integration of plugins, extensions or modules, a good user friendly dashboard to manage everything from backend.

Is it possible to manage everything in a website without the knowledge of coding? Is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible. WordPress is a content management system that allows a single admin to do all the necessary changes in the website without actually having knowledge of coding.

Why Use WordPress for Business Website?

The main reason to use WordPress for business websites and commercial blogging sites is its user friendliness. WordPress provides an easy to use interface that can be users can utilize without any knowledge of coding.

WordPress has been offering its services since 2005. Today, it empowers 26% of the total number of websites in the world and supports the needs of a huge number of users out there with website development needs.

Why you have to use WordPress?

- It is best for business, professional or blogging needs.

- It is free. however, you may buy paid add-ons to enhance the power of WordPress for your needs.

- With more than 350 customizable free themes, WordPress offers impeccable designs for your professional websites.

- Customize your website as you desire- manage your logo, title, content, images and much more.

- It has a huge add-ons database.

- It is mobile friendly.

- Its supports multiple authors, sites.

- It has an incredible support team that can help you with your needs or questions anytime.

- Managing WordPress website is very easy with a powerful site management tool.

- You can access the dashboard anywhere and from any device.

- Get the complete control on your website content.

- It has best security, speed and uptime, It is secure, fast and has good uptime.

- Inbuilt social sharing add-ons make content sharing on social media websites very easy.

- Offers in-depth analytics or statistics to help you improve with your website.

- It is search engine friendly platform that allows developing websites that can ranked better in search results.

- It has rich community support.

Hence, WordPress CMS offers a lot of advantages for those looking to develop commercial websites. Therefore, I personally suggest you to use this amazing platform for your website.

Why Hosting Matters?

No doubt, a great website is the one that is:

- Appealing with an eye-catching design

- Responsive

- SEO friendly

- Creative with appealing content

But, without a proper power of hosting it’ll not perform well in digital market.

You’re wondering why it’ll not perform well?

Suppose, you have everything, for instance - website is already place in your demo server or you have the source code of your website, now just you need to make it live. That’s it! Your website will be live.

But, before making your website live, something is most important that most of the web owners is ignored and its, Proper web hosting.

For best user experience, website requires good up time, minimum site loading time, good conversation rate, traffic handling capacity, protection against hackers and malware, daily site backup etc. All this will come with your hosting service. If your hosting provider does not provide these basic services, then you have to think about it. It’ll impact your business growth, customers and branding.

Before selecting any web hosting provider for your business, you have to know about them.

Who is The Best WordPress Web Hosting Provider?

Great, you’re reading this content that means you care about your visitors and business

There are a lot of companies providing web hosting services, but, the question is how we can know that they are best for your WordPress website?

As a blogger, I’m very serious about the hosting. I am sharing my past here.

I’m not going to share my worst experience of WordPress web hosting with you guys but, I’m sharing my best experience of webhosting service which I am currently subscribed to.

As per my experience is the best dedicated WordPress hosting service provider. is a very simple, powerful and user friendly hosting service provider for non-technical users. They make user interface attractive and as simpler as possible. WordPress hosting is the only type of web hosting they are providing, but, in a proper manner.

The entire platform is designed for only WordPress hosting lovers and backend is much more powerful to run any WordPress website smoother and faster. has designed a WP management section where user can easily access all their websites. They provide WordPress installed in all their accounts with paid premium themes with plugins along with PHP versions.

Below are the things which make a difference between and any other hosting

- Changes in LAMP Stack

- Litespeed web server

- MariaDB, which has additional features and performs faster than MySQL.

In addition, they provide hosting administrative control panel which is designed for higher performance and is cost effective.

Most of the Wordpress hosting providers are not using their own servers, but, has its own dedicated datacenter in Atlanta, GA. All their web servers have SSD to boost the speed of reading and writing data. They are connected with higher internet speed lines to serve flash speed to their customers’ websites.

All the support staff has good knowledge of the technology. Hence, if a user is facing any issue, then, they can just raise a ticket. The Hosting providers will contact the users and solve their issue in a short time.

User’s data security is a main priority for them. They have armed guards and 24X7 live cameras continuously monitoring their datacenters’ activity. has an amazing firewall which protects websites against several forms of attacks, even from DDoS attacks.

Moreover, their systems automatically take website backup several times in a day and store it up to 30 days. You can easily restore it when needed.

Compared to any other dedicated hosting provider’s plan, plans are very cost effective. They also accept all the major credit/debit cards as well PayPal for payment. For better user experience, they give 60 day money back guarantee as well, in case, if you are not satisfied with their services.

Top Features of Wp.Land are:

It also provides a free WordPress hosting

All the features, attractive price and great support make a stand for in Digital web hosting arena.

Boost your Business with Best WordPress Hosting Provider

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