Brilliant Cost-Effective Office Interior Design Ideas

 Justin Jersey
  Jan 13, 2018

A well-planned and perfectly designed office space is what you need to create a pleasing work environment. There are many ways you can design your office interior. However, the design depends on your budget and personal taste. Typically, there can be two broad categories in which you can build your workspace: contemporary or traditional. This categorization with help you create the most cost-effective office interior design.

However, you can even select a blend of both and create a unique design for your office interior. The two categories should not be watertight. You can experiment with these two categories to explore more varieties and ensure optimum collaboration and productivity among employees. You should also keep in mind that office space should not only be aesthetically pleasing but it should also be comfortable and convenient to work in. Here are some ideas you can implement:

Contemporary Or Modern

Keep your design ideas smart and sleek to acheive a modern look and feel. You can find cost-effective office interior design in the following ways:

  • For wall paint colors you can either stick to single color i.e. white or opt for many other soothing colors.
  • Use same fabrics for all upholstery. Ensure that fabrics are comfortable, especially for the seating.
  • Steel is sober. Select steel cabinets and shelves. But there should not be too much grey all around. Your employees must feel happy and connected to the company. Add some relief with woodwork accents. To ensure cost-effective office interior design, select engineered wood over expensive hardwood.
  • You can experiment with different shapes of furniture to add a unique touch to the workspace. But follow ergonomics to ensure maximum safety and comfort.
  • Keep desktops clean and install cabinets to store everything. Make sure cables, wires, chords and associated systems are all concealed. They make the office space look very cluttered.
  • Use slim panel lighting for a neat look. Use modern LED lights. This will help you save both cost and energy.

If you follow some of these tips you will have a clean and contemporary look for your office.

Traditional and/or ethnic

If your workplace is large then traditional or ethnic designs may be expensive. Traditional ideas for cost-effective office interior design is ideal for smaller office spaces. Follow these steps to create some amazing traditional office spaces:

  • Woodwork is an important part of a traditional approach. It gives a sense of warmth. Even the floors can be made of wood. Engineered wood is more reasonable than hardwood.
  • The leather is a common choice in a traditional concept. If real leather is too expensive, select artificial leather as it will still create a comfortable surface for various body parts of employees.
  • You can add antique furniture if you have the decent budget. To make it affordable, you can only add a few of them. However, do not choose heavy antique pieces. They may be uncomfortable and difficult to move. Life is busy, so you do not want to compromise mobility.
  • Artwork adds richness to the traditional touch. You can keep only one designer painting or an artwork of a great master to obtain a cost-effective office interior design.
  • Books on shelves create an old-world charm. But keep in mind that books will need regular maintenance.
  • Ethnic artifacts are also an option. You can buy some at local fairs.
  • Handcrafted furniture is also an economical choice.
  • Greenery in the form of indoor plants which brings a fresh breath of air. This will ensure a healthier work environment. Place some small plants in the workspace where you have client meetings. This may encourage higher productivity and collaboration.
  • Illuminate the office with soft lightings like table lamps and artistic wall hanging lights. They are also available with LED fixtures.

For cost-effective office interior design use the tips that are best suited for your office needs. Because some of the options in either category may suit your budget better.

Brilliant Cost-Effective Office Interior Design Ideas

Justin Jersey

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