Bulk SMS gateway to upgrade your business

 John Edword
  May 29, 2018

Have you ever received a text from your favorite store or bank on your phone just moments after you performed an action such as purchased an item or made a transaction? This triggered response is now one of the leading mediums of communication today. In the world of communication, computers have now become the centerpiece of information technology. Technology has also altered the way people conduct their businesses in exponential ways. Every business desires to thrive and be competitive which have seen them from moving on from one marketing channel to another. Perhaps, the solution was hidden in plain sight and ever since the emergence of the internet and social media it has only become more obvious than ever.

SMS gateways are mediums which enable a computer to send or receive SMS (Short Message Service) in collaboration with telecommunication networks. Most messages are then mostly routed towards mobile networks to desired recipients. Websites or applications developed by businesses can enable bulk SMS for marketing or transactional messages to thousands of recipients by a simple integration process. SMS API gateways are used to connect the two virtual bodies together and aid in upgrading your business and the following are some ways they can do it,

1. Enhanced Operation Reliability

It is not an unusual experience to have an overload of customers or clients you need to reach about new deals and offers or provide receipts and information. Bulk SMS gives you the freedom to accelerate your campaign with precision, time and energy saving, and a cost effective texting system. Besides, research indicates that a single text is read at least once so you can sleep well at night knowing your task was officially completed. Marketers can utilize a single SMS to communicate to their entire customer base. Contacting each customer personally is time consuming and stressful so this where SMS marketing can bring in the convenience factor to play in the world of marketing.

2. Accounting and Monitoring

Accounting is fundamental to any business. Moreover, it can also be applied to SMS gateways and bulk texting when using software or websites to send out messages. This can aid in monitoring the traffic of the system, maintain a contact log and response center to store information about customers, client history, transactions and so much more. Businesses need to keep a record of their campaign and transactional messages sent out to clients in order to provide responses, information, feedback or even receipts. This also enables personalization and boosts security as SMS gateways work on system that features individual response codes.

3. Cost Effective and Economical Channel

SMS gateways enable direct communication path between seller and customer. Advertising, trade shows and B2B exhibitions are executed with a lot of expenditure with indirect methods and unpredictable results. Bulk SMS is direct with a read ratio of approximately 97% which is more than any other marketing channel. Even for transaction based messaging, it has proved to be both time and energy saving due to the convenience it provides to customers. Physical effort is now a thing of the past since everything you do is at tip of your fingers in the form of your computer or your cell phone. Every venture wants an efficient strategy to play out according to their idea of success and who would have thought communication was on their computer the whole time.

4. Speed and Flexibility

Time is money. SMS gateways provide an instant mode of communication which operate round the clock according to rules and regulations of the country it is of. Thousands of messages can be sent and received instantaneously with no limits in the audience. Flexible customization options are also available for customer segmentation. Messages can easily be altered according to the requirement of the customer or company. Messages sent to regular customers are often different from messages sent to new customers.

5. Precision with no spams

The millennial generations do not possess a high attention span so information needs to be brief and precise. People respond well to text messages as they are straight to the point and do not require a lot of time to read. The information can be processed within no time and responded to accordingly by the customer. SMS gateways do not carry any baggage with them. Spam is simply out of the question when reading an SMS unlike checking your email or clicking a link online. This saves more time and ceases to irritate the customer in the process.

An upgraded business is one which manages to keep up with the rapid developments in the growing world of today. These tools can be useful In bringing about results leading relevant consequence. It is a digital age we live in now so it is smarter to go with the flow rather than drowning in an outdated system.

Bulk SMS gateway to upgrade your business

John Edword

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