Can You Handle the Journey to Success and Freedom?

 Alex Wise
  Jul 25, 2017

The path to success will require work and effort; it will require you to move out of what is comfortable and predictable, to take risks and journey an unknown road knowing within you that this road will ultimately lead to your freedom and success.

For most of us, when we take the decision to step out and pursue our dreams, we are essentially going on a journey to the place we have envisaged in our minds, the only problem is that the road to that place is a road we have never travelled before and the journey can often be a long one full of obstacles and challenges on the way.

Because we are unfamiliar with the route we might sometimes get tempted to turn back and return to where we were coming from, we might become unsure of ourselves, we might begin to question the route and begin to wonder whether we are still going in the right direction because our desired destination seems so far away and the challenges we face on the way might make us feel that this journey is no longer worthwhile, we tell ourselves that it’s too hard, it’s too much effort, too many discouragements and too many road blocks and speed bumps on the way that slow down the journey, in the end we start to consider returning to the place we are more familiar and comfortable with, to the road we have already travelled and therefore can predict. So we return to our predictable life, in our predictable jobs and predictable salary, instead of staying on that difficult road to the place of your purpose and destiny.

The journey to the place of your vision or dream is not going to be easy, the journey to freedom is never easy and essentially when we are talking about success and the accomplishment of a dream, we are ultimately talking about becoming free. Free from having to go to a job we hate, free from having to live in a house we hate, free from having to drive a car we hate, free from debt and not having enough money, free from getting stressed every time the bill comes in the mail because you barely have enough to pay them, free from the oppression of daily life, free to become yourself and live a life of significance and impact, touching and blessing the lives around you.

But with freedom comes responsibility and because many can’t handle being responsible, they prefer slavery to freedom because in a sense it is easier to be a slave than to be free, it is easier to have a job than to succeed in your own business.

When you are a slave, your slave master looks after you, you don’t have to worry about how you are going to eat because that is the responsibility of your master, your owner clothes and feeds you and as long as you carry out your duties as a slave then you don’t have to worry about anything. When you become free however, there is no more free food, no more free clothes, no more free house, with the freedom comes the responsibility to be able to survive without your master and many can’t cope and as a result they want to return to being a slave even though they are now free, because freedom is hard and requires you to be responsible.

It’s almost the same with making the transition from being an employee to starting your own business and becoming your own boss. As an employee, you know that there is a pay guaranteed at the end of the month, but once you step out to start a business, there is no longer a guaranteed pay at the end of the month, now you have to learn how to market your business and take care of your finances and manage your resources and make sure that the cost of running your business is covered as well as make enough sales to keep your business afloat and because many can’t cope with the responsibility that comes with having their own business they trade their freedom back for the predictable life of being an employee.

Many dream of freedom but can’t handle the responsibility that comes with freedom so they return to the comfortable and predictable life of being a slave because at least they have a guaranteed roof over their head and free food and clothes, rather than staying on the tough and rough journey that will ultimately lead to them having the true freedom to control their life and circumstances, they lack the tenacity and mental toughness that’s required to become truly free.

I encourage you to stay on the journey to your dream and never turn back from the road that leads to the vision you have for your life, it might be tempting to stay with what’s familiar and comfortable but true success and freedom only comes to those who stay on that tough journey because at the end of that journey is the place you truly desire to be and until you get to that place you will never be truly satisfied with your life.

Those who stay on that tough journey to freedom and success and arrive at their desired destination will always rule over those who turn back. Which category will you fall in, those who complete the journey or those who turned back and return to slavery? You choose where you end up in life, your destiny is in your hands, even when God has a purpose for you, you won’t accomplish it if you don’t give it what it takes.

Because God gives you a vision doesn’t mean the journey will be easy, he gave Joseph a dream that he would be a ruler someday but didn’t tell him that the route to that dream will require him to be sold in slavery and end up a prisoner. There will doubtless be challenges on the journey but if you stay on the journey and don’t turn back, you will arrive at your destination.

Can You Handle the Journey to Success and Freedom?

Alex Wise

Alex Wise is the Founder of free dating site, a place for single users to connect based on their common interests. He’s a long time blogger with an appetite for technology. During the day, Alex also works as a consultant in the online marketing industry.

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