Causes and Home Remedies of Acne and Pimples

 Ahsan Nawaz
  Mar 23, 2018

Every girl aspires to look beautiful and to have matchless beauty in any gathering. To get such exposure, girls are to go through cumbersome ways. One of the most caring aspects is avoiding acne on face.

No doubt, it is right of every woman to look gorgeous and she wants to hear admiring comments about her beauty but if she has any pimple on her face then she would remain cautious in any gathering or event. The first thing that an opposite gender notices in a girl is her face, so if her face has acne or pimples then she would remain deprived of listening admiring comments about her beauty. All girls know that acne is hard-ending condition on skin of face. Minimum 73% women and girls in United States face the problems of acne. To have a perfect, attractive and shiny skin, girls should take extra care of their skin.

Causes of acne varies from person to person but common causes are

  • Becteria on skin
  • Fatty acids
  • More use of oily lotions
  • Small hair on skin containing oil and dry cells
  • Hormones
  • Medicines with androgen and lithium
  • Depression and Stress

Skin of face is the sensitive part of body and it requires more care than other parts. The main thing that skin requires is cleanliness. Skin should be kept clean all the time. Simply, washing it or cleaning it with some toner twice or thrice a day helps to clean the pores of face skin that usually gets filled up with the dirt particles. If this process is repeated at least 4 times a day then likelihood of getting acne will be very less.

Obsessed ones must always go for recommended drugstore acne products and some natural treatments to make the remedial process effective and fruitful. Here are some natural and fond remedies of acne that help getting rid of acne and make other clinical treatments to become effective.

Natural Source of Vitamins A: When you are confronting acne and you want escape timely then always go for vitamins A, eating fresh carrots is best ways to absorb vitamins A. Moreover, vitamin A is strong shield against sebum production.

Less Dairy Food: Always plan your dairy intake because dairy food is massive source that help evolution of acne. It creates oil glands, so are the principal factor behind acne.

Control Your Hands: If you have pimples and you keep on touching them then they will grow rather rapidly, so make some measures that keep yourself away from touching them intentionally and unintentionally as well.

Physical Exercises: Daily physical exercise for 20 minutes causes detoxification of skin.

Hate Sugar: More sugar will lead to more acne so always use optimum level of sugar in your food that you think is required by your body.

On the other end of spectrum, along with other remedies, getting treatment from dermatologist is of prime importance because clinical treatment is also required to eradicate the acne. Patient must be aware of some below mention factors that are considered very carefully before starting treatment.

Let’s go through the optimum and simple ways to reduce of remove marks of acnes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very rich source to get vitamins that are required to reduce the marks of pimples or acne. Affected ones should go for gels or creams having aloe vera as well. Moreover, if you can eat fresh aloe vera plant then it would be worthwhile way to get rid of scars.

Baking Soda

Here is most easy and less cost effective method for fight against scars of acne. Mostof the home remedies are beholden to baking soda, here is also a great tip; add some baking soda in enough water to make thick paste that may be applied on scars. After you put paste on scars, leave it for some time to get it dry. Afterwards, wash that part of body where you have applied paste with sigh warm water. Repeat this procedure everyday for atleast 1 weak.


Keep eating cucumber with meal in summer to make the required level of water in skin. Cucumber is vital source for vitamin A and vitamin C. Moreover, by applying slices of cucumber on scars areas of skin will surely reduce the affected part of skin. Keep using same procedure in entire summer to get good results.

Acne is a dreadful dream for women, because they can afford a broken nail before going to a part but they cannot afford a pimple over their forehead or cheek area. So, if you are really looking for some solutions for your acne then you must try recommended drugstore acne products, natural remedies and regular checkup from doctor.

Causes and Home Remedies of Acne and Pimples

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