Changing Trends in Recruitment Process

  Aug 23, 2018

The HR Consultants has always been an important part of the recruitment process. Due to economic crisis, recruitment has become a critical process. In those times the unemployment increased at higher rates and there were no jobs at all. But with upcoming of the Best Recruitment Services in Gurgaon, now it has made the recruitment process simple.

Here are five trends that are changing the landscape of recruitment process:

Diverse Hiring

The diverse hiring has received lots of attention in recent times. The companies take benefits of this diverse hiring process. These enjoy working with different workforce and an access to fresh ideas and new skills. According to a market survey the diversity hiring is something that has an increase over 67 percent of the active or passive job seekers.

Specialized Technology

The HR Consultant in Gurgaon use advanced technology and equipment’s to carry out the recruitment process. Analytics and data have become an important part of the recruitment process. For fast recruitment artificial intelligence and voice reorganization are the technologies coming in the recruitment process. ATS systems are already used for tracking the qualified staff. Nowadays, the consultancies are performing smart work along with the ATS system they are collaborating machine learning. However, this process has improved the efficiency and quality of the recruitment process.

Online Presence

For HR managers online recruitment is becoming important part and parcel of the job. These tools are becoming important part and parcel of the recruitment process. These tools are required to build strong employer relations, so it is highly crucial to use these online tools to attract the top talent. Recruiters who are concerned with the employee’s perspective use the old traditional method. But with the advent of social media online presence is widely gaining popularity. In earlier days, newspaper or tv was the only medium for advertisement for a specific job position, but the trend for recruitment has been changed a lot. Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter are widely been used for recent hiring.

Reinventing the Interview Process with Recent Tools

Traditional Interviews are not going anywhere but they don’t have a strong impact as compared with the recent interview process. The traditional method of an interview was judging an individual on the basis of looks and strong communication skills. But unfortunately, this was not a better way to select a candidate. The recent recruitment process has been entirely changed and require a certain improvement:

Five techniques have come on the scene to improve the traditional method of recruitment process:

Development of Soft Skills

The new approach of recruitment process helps in developing the characteristics like team work and curiosity to learn new things. The IT placement agencies in Gurgaon use these recent methods for conducting hiring process. This new method of hiring gives the new talent to show their skills in the corporate sector.

Job Auditions

The companies nowadays prefer job auditions so that they could initially screen the candidates in the earlier phase of hiring. It helps the businesses to provide right job to the right candidate.

Casual Interviews

It is one of the best methods for screening the candidate and to know each and every detail about the candidate that whether he or she has mentioned the right information in the current CV or Resume. These interviews hardly take few hours and offer a unique look into the candidate’s character.

Virtual Reality

The agencies conduct the hiring process by testing the skills of the candidates in a standardized way. This confirms the candidate that the hiring is taking place by fair means. This recent process of recruitment increases the morale of the job seekers and helps in bringing their confidence back to crack the interview.

Conducting Audio or Video Interviews

The firms now use new methods for carrying out the hiring process. These agencies now prefer to conduct the interviews by telephonic rounds or video conferencing. These are best means of carrying out the interview process as both the process are live so could be easily recorded and tracked. These processes usually take a couple of hours to finish. This is benefit for both the persons the one who conducts the interview and the other who gives the interview.

So, these are few recent techniques of carrying out the recruitment process.

Changing Trends in Recruitment Process


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