China Advices US To Follow WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement

 Ahsan Nawaz
  Dec 29, 2016

Beijing on Friday urged Washington to relinquish a stand-by approach it employs to calculate anti-dumping actions against Chinese exports, stated Reuters. The plea comes as China’s World Trade Organization pact is confirmed to expire on 11th December, 2016.

Chinese representatives have declared that World Trade Organization members should appropriately renounce the stand-in country approach employed in their anti-dumping policies against Chinese world-wide exports.

Moreover, at the time of WTO Council meeting held in Geneva, Chinese spokespersons also indicated that as per Article 15 of China’s Protocol of Accession, the World Trade Organization representatives shall cease employing the surrogate prices by 11th of the current month, to evaluate the dumping limits in their anti-dumping policies against Chinese exports.

Just after the Surrogate Country Approach is in practice, a third country prices can be employed to determine if a specific country is dumping or exporting at lower rates than the market.

The Chinese representatives also stated that China advices WTO members to rigidly fulfill their responsibilities under Article 15 and promptly discard the surrogate country perspective, so as to protect the power and integrity of the multilateral trading mechanism.

In addition, they also pointed out that it is an obligation initiated by all WTO representatives 15 years back to put an end to the representative country opposite to China by the end of this year.

Chinese representatives also accentuated by stating, “This is an explicit legal obligation contained in China’s Accession’s Protocol and has nothing to do with other issues such as overcapacity. WTO members shall not attempt to evade this international obligation by seeking any excuse.”

“Whether China is a ‘market economy’ or not is one thing and elimination of surrogate country approach is another. These are two different issues and should not be mixed together,” they added.

When China associated with World Trade Organization back in 2001, it decided to let WTO representatives consider it as a ‘non-market economy’ until the membership pact comes to an end. They had a benefit of employing third country’s pricings to measure whether China was trading its products lower than the market rates. However, that clause is scheduled to lapse on 11th of the current month.

According to Penny Pritzker, the US Commerce Secretary,

The time was “not ripe” for the Washington to amend the approach it evaluates whether Beijing has attained market economy position.

There were no global trade standards needing amendments in the US approach towards computing anti-dumping duties, she further added.

Shen Danyang, the Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesperson on the other hand said that the US should end using its very own market evaluation strategies to oppose China’s rights.

According to Shen, it’s a privilege that China must relish as a World Trade Organization member and a responsibility that all other WTO member counters should realize.

China urges US to discontinue mixing things and avoiding its international responsibilities. The country also requests United States to abide by the rule in an appropriate manner, and stump for sound China-US trade affiliation, she told reporters.

As the due date draws closer, some WTO member nations are discussing the automatic identification of China as a market economy. Moreover, the United States notified China in July that the country hadn’t done adequate to measure up for active market economy status, specifically in the fields of steel and aluminum.

The Chinese delegate at the World Trade Organization said the expiration of the pact would wipe out the legal footing for countries to keep on employing inequitable anti-dumping methods against China.

Flat Chinese export costs have also become a staggering bar in trade affinity with the United States, the European Union and other WTO member states. They are blaming China of unjust trade proceedings in foreign countries such as disposing goods at low rates. In addition, the steel manufacturers also grumbled that China was deceiving the international market by dumping surplus steel and aluminum.

The US Commerce Department in November started a formal examination into China-based steel industries blaming them of exporting steel through Vietnam to escape US-imposed import taxes.

China Advices US To Follow WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement

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