Choose from the best Bluetooth Headsets-Handsfree

 Gage Poon
  Feb 14, 2018

Have you ever tried using hands free earphones? Well if you did, you will know using them is a task! The ambient sound around is absorbed by the microphone and creates nothing but extra noise. While walking or travelling can control many things on the road, but ambient noise isn’t one of them. Blue tooth headset are tools that help you talk in conditions where superlative sounds surround you. They are products that also offer you a decent battery life at an affordable price. To know which one tops the list. Here are few tips to help you choose the right ones and few suggestions you can choose from.

HD Voice Support: It is always advised to look for HD Voice support for dependable audio quality. This is a known industry standard, that delivers a wider frequency than the standard landline. So if your phone supports this feature, go for it. It should guarantee good, clear sound.

Battery Life: Now the manufacturer’s claims may not entirely be replicated in the real world. With a division of the battery life in between talk time and the standby time, if your phone promises a 9 hour validity it can certainly last for a few days with battery charges. Or if you need a headphone that keeps you updated about its battery life, look for one that provides a display or audio notification.

Microphone Quality: If you would use your headset mostly in noisy environments, you can look out for active noise cancelling, which tracks noise around you and digitally cancels it out, this provides clear audible sound.

Plantronics Voyager 3200Plantronics Voyager 3200

If a plain speaker and microphone together does not satisfy you. Try the Voyager 3200 headset, whose futuristic design packs in no fewer than three microphones for great voice quality with a combination of active noise cancellation. Other clever tricks include Near Field Communication pairing for compatible phones, and specific buttons for turning the headset on and off and a large middle button for starting and ending phone calls, and physical volume controls. This headset also provides an additional charging case with an integrated battery. So along with the 6 hours that is promised the additional charger offers 10 extra hours. There’s also a tiny USB connector, allowing you to connect the Voyager 3200 to a computer for using it with Skype or other telephony applications.

Sony MBH20 Sony MBH20

With an outstanding audio and voice quality this headset has got some clever technical tricks too! It has multipoint support that lets you to connect it to two phones simultaneously and the single button lets you flick between two ongoing calls or reject an incoming call while you are engaged on another. The compact design measures just 45mm long and 17mm high, and weighs a mere eight grams, this makes the MBH20, a lovely little lozenge of technology, which fitted securely and comfortably during testing. The only drawback is the lack of alternative ear coverings, which does not make it flexible enough for every ear. Simply, here is what it covers, a single status LED, a micro-USB socket for charging, a multi-function button and nothing else. All in all it offers great basics and is absolutely of great value.

Philips Mono Bluetooth Headset SHB1703 (Black)Philips Mono Bluetooth Headset SHB1703

Here is a Philips bluetooth handsfree review, of the Philips SHB1703 Mono Bluetooth Headset. Crystal clear Talks on or off road? Enjoy the comfort of crystal clear calling. Receive a call in one button press. A comfortable fit for long lasting periods. Auto-connection to the last paired device. The headset also has impressive battery power. This Wireless Media can be used when you're driving, to listen to bit by bit navigation. You can also use it to listen to other media such as radio, music and other audios. What’s more? There exists an in built rechargeable battery, changeable ear cushions & detachable ear hooks. Weighs about 7.8 grams, offers 5 hours of talktime and 120 hours of stand by time.

Choose from the best Bluetooth Headsets-Handsfree

Gage Poon

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