Choose Longboard Fins for your Surf Board

 Sigmar Brickson
  Jul 26, 2018

Monstrous waves coming to get you, but instead of running away from them, you are staring at them from the beach holding your surfer board. Adrenaline is rushing through your veins, ‘thrill’ is the all you are feeling right now. ‘This is my moment’, you think and then dive in the water to catch the waves. You want to control those horribly large waves by riding on their back. You are on a mission, mission to show your dominance over a natural phenomenon. In this mission, your close ally, your friend, your companion, your trusted fellow or I should say another half of your body is your surfer board. The lifeblood of a surfer board depends only on one thing which is ‘fin’. Without it, your surfer board is nothing more than a simple raft floating on water.

There are various types of surfboards such as shortboard or thrusters, fish, longboard, gun, minimal, bodyboard, funboard, foam board etc. Among all these various types thrusters and longboard are widely in use. The main difference between longboard and shortboard is their lengths. Any board having a length of at least 9 feet considered as a longboard, anything below 9 feet cannot be termed as a proper longboard. Longboard has a round nose while the shortboard has a pointy one. That’s why longboard is mostly used for mellow waves. Longboards are great for learning on.

Longboards are also known as a ‘Cruizer’ or ‘Log’. They are easy to paddle to paddle, more stable in water and great for catching waves. To construct a string-less longboard is quite a difficult job and it could easily break. So, longboards have 1-3 strings that run through the entire deck. The main problem with these surfing boards is to make them stable because as length and stability are inversely proportional to each other. To overcome this problem, longboards can either come with 2+1 setup or a single fin setup.

Why Longboard Fins?

Longboard fin provides stability to the board just like the keel on a boat which provides support from underwater and stops it from slipping sideways. Surfer board needs to be controlled from the front to turn and to be stable from the back while taking that turn. That’s why fans are put at the back of the board. It functions similar to the tail on a plane.

The history of the fin goes long back to those good old days of surfing. At that time, the choice of different longboard fins was not as vast as that of today. It’s a good thing to have many choices, right? But it creates one problem… picking the right one from all these varieties. A fin is actually a key element that defines the way a longboard performs. Choosing a right fin can mean the difference between amusement and annoyance.

As written earlier in this post, fins act as controlling devices when assembling with other components. ‘Free up’ the board and make it surf ‘lose’, this can be achieved by using small fins as well but it doesn’t have enough surface area to provide ‘Hold’ that longboard needs.


Your board will behave freakishly. So, you need a long fin to overcome this problem.

Classic single fin setup is the most traditional longboard setup. It provides both stability and ‘loose’ feel to the surfer. Most of the surfer who enjoys nose-riding and down-out turns always chooses to go with this classic fin setup. Single longboard fin comes in different shapes. The selection of these shapes depends on which kind of surfer you are on. Do you love to surf carving turns or to be a more traditional nose rider?

For example, dolphin shaped fins are mostly used when you need sharp turning while surfing. Pivot or keel fins are used when you need more stability and more control on your longboard. The downside of using these fins is that it will be harder to turn. These kinds of fins are generally used in traditional boards with square tails.

Choose Longboard Fins for your Surf Board

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