Clue Rules: Rules That Are So Simple

 Kevin Brown
  Jul 16, 2019

We are going to talk about clue rules. This is a puzzle game. It is also said a murder mystery game. In this game, Mr. Boddy is murdered by someone. His body is found dead in the mansion. From here, the investigation is started.

Clue Rules

The main purpose of the game is to find the murderer. Moreover, you have to find the murder weapon and the room in which the murder took place. More than 8 players can play this game but 3 to 6 players are enough to play. So, get ready to be a detective and solve the mystery.

Clue Game History:

This is a North American game. It is also called as Cluedo was manufactured by Waddingtones in the United Kingdom in 1949. This game was updated many times to add thriller. American game and toy company “Hasbro” has the copyright of this game. The victim’s names are different in the different versions. If you play the UK version the victim name is “Dr. Black” and “Mr. Boddy is in North American version. Let’s discuss the clue rules.

New Clue Rules:

Things you need:

To play this game, you are supposed to need a game board, which contains colored tokens. Each token represents a suspect. There are six weapons of murder such as rope, knife, wrench, and revolver. There is a deck of cards which includes all six suspects, weapons of murder, and each nine-room of the house. Apart from this, a detective notepad, one case file envelope.

Set up:


According to the clue rules, first of all, you are supposed to look at the board that which suspects are near to you. Meanwhile, take the corresponding token of the suspect who is closest to you. Place that suspect onto the start square. You are supposed to move the remaining suspects onto the board. Start placing the weapons in the rooms of the mansion. Keep in mind; don’t place two weapons in the same room. The modern version of this game suggests that the weapons should be kept in the specific rooms. Split the deck of cards into three piles such as rooms, weapons, and suspects. Put all of them face down onto the table. Then after, take one card from each pile. You are not supposed to look at the cards and place them into the case file confidential.

You will have a detective’s notepad to write down the clues. Be careful to other detectives. Stop them looking at your detective notepad. One of them may be a murderer of Mr. Boddy.

How to play clue?

  • On every turn, you have to move to a different room of the mansion. As per the classic clue rules, Miss Scarlet starts the game first then other players take turns by turns. Players roll the dice and move their playing pieces to the yellow square. Players need sufficient numbers to move into the specific rooms.
  • The clue rules suggest that the players should move their pieces horizontally or vertically. Players should not move in a diagonal manner.
  • Players can take help of a doorway to get inside the room. But this move affects their investigation to catch an accused.
  • Players can’t get into the same doorway or space during the same turn.
  • According to the clue rules, you can’t move forward through a yellow space which has already been occupied by another.
  • Players cannot move or pass the room if it is blocked by a suspect character. The same way, the players cannot get outside the room if it is blocked by suspect characters.
  • When the players get into the room they should look into the murder. They should investigate the crime. It is a clue question. They must guess about the possible accused and the weapons that are used for the murder.
  • The clue rules suggest, if the players enter the kitchen, they are supposed to ask the kitchen related questions. And shift weapons and suspects into the room. Ask the questions to the player on your left. If nobody can answer your question then it may be in the envelope.
  • Keep adding new clues on your sheet on each turn and move ahead leaving both the weapon and character in the room no matter another player owns that character. The players can ask their further questions from the spot.
  • The player who solved three cards on the detective sheet. Make accusations and expose the murderer is the winner of the game. Also, look into the envelope secretly. If the accusations prove right then the player can win the game. If the player is unable to prove they can’t win the game. Return the cards to the envelope. The player is restricted to ask any further questions.

Ending up…

This game is full of thrill. The twists and turns make this game even more interesting. If you learn the clue rules deeply you can indulge the real thrill of the game.

Clue Rules: Rules That Are So Simple

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