Cooling Your Home Effectively: 8 Air Conditioner System Myths Debunked

 Rene Langer
  Feb 28, 2018

Your air conditioning unit can help maintain a cooler atmosphere in your home and make temperatures livable during hot and humid summers. Unfortunately for homeowners, many of them still subscribe to common misconceptions about their air conditioner that can result in wasted energy and even damage its performance in the long run.

These are our picks for the most common air conditioner myths that everybody should stop believing in.

One. You can save money by turning off the air conditioner when you leave. This seems like common sense advice. After all, why leave the AC running in an empty house? The problem is that when you arrive home and turn on the air conditioner, it will take longer to cool down your home, causing it to work harder and use up more electricity.

Instead, add a programmable thermostat to your AC system. You can program it to turn your air conditioner on and off when it reaches a certain temperature. You can set the thermostat to the desired temperature and then turn off the AC when you leave. The thermostat will then turn it back on again before the house becomes too hot, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature when you get home.

Two. Where the thermostat is placed is not important. Since thermostats measure temperature, they must be placed in an area that is free from obstruction and not exposed to direct sunlight and drafts. Thermostats work best when they are in an area of the room where they can be exposed to natural air currents, such as an interior wall.

Three. Drastically changing the thermostat settings will cause the air conditioner to cool a space more quickly. As we have already discussed, thermostats turn the AC on or off based on its temperature settings. They will not cause your air conditioner to work harder or cool a room faster.

Four. You can keep an empty room cool by leaving the ceiling fans on. Electric fans don’t actually cool air but move it around. If we feel cool when the fan is on, it’s because our body temperature drops when the wind moves across our skin. However, ceiling fans can be helpful in ensuring the cool air from the AC circulates around the room. This causes a slight temperature increase so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. But you should still turn off electric fans when you leave a room.

Five. You can make other rooms cooler by closing the vents in unoccupied rooms. When you close the vents, you are actually keeping the cool air inside them, instead of circulating it to other rooms. In addition, you are forcing your AC’s compressor to work harder and shortening the unit’s life in the long run.

Six. The location of your air conditioner is irrelevant. Most people actually know better than to believe this myth, but it still bears debunking. You probably know that if you place the AC in an area where it is exposed to the heat of direct sunlight, it will work harder to cool the room increasing its electricity usage. Of course, since it runs harder than it should, its life will also be shortened.

The best place to install your air conditioner is in a dark area away from direct sunlight. You should also make sure that the exterior of the AC is not blocked by obstructions such as shrubs and trees.

Seven. Getting the biggest air conditioner is the best choice. Air conditioning units are designed to cool particular spaces. If you get a big AC to cool a small space, you will only end up wasting electricity. Instead you should choose an air conditioner that is designed to cool your particular home based on factors such as where the windows face, the characteristics of the roof, insulation and air leakage.

Eight. Maintaining your air conditioner is a waste of money and time. Unless you’re wealthy enough to be able to replace your AC on a regular basis, this is one of the worst myths you can buy into. Routine maintenance can keep your air conditioner working and ensure that it does not break down when you need it the most. Do you want to be without air conditioning during the hottest days of summer?

Maintaining your AC can also save you money in the long run. If it is regularly maintained, your AC can still be running past its estimated lifespan so it will be longer before you have to replace it. On the other hand, neglecting your AC may cost you more in repair bills since minor issues that you left unaddressed may become more serious over time.

One basic maintenance task you can do to keep your AC running efficiently is to keep your air filters clean and replace them when necessary. Pollutants such as dust and debris can build up over time and not only affect your AC’s performance but also affect the quality of your indoor air.

Cooling Your Home Effectively: 8 Air Conditioner System Myths Debunked

Rene Langer

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