Crokinole Rules - How to Play Crokinole Game

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 26, 2019

This article describes everything about Crokinole rules, history, board, and the equipment used in the game. Before moving towards its rules, let’s look into Crokinole history, where and when it was invented, and the origins of the name.

History of Crokinole Game

Crokinole board was made by Eckhardt Wettlaufer in 1876 in Ontario, Canada. He was a craftsman. It is said that he created this board as a fifth birthday gift for his son Adam. It I now a part of a collection at Joseph Schneider Haus. It is a national historic site in Kitchener, Ontario. Now cheap crokinole boards are available online as well as on stores. If you don’t want to buy boards, you can play crokinole online as well.

A documentary film called Crokinole was also released in 2006. Its world premiere occurred at Princess Cinema in Waterloo, Ontario.

Crokinole Rules

Crokinole Rules in Detail

Let’s have a look at the game preparation, rules and scores and how to play Crokinole-


Board dimensions are set by the crokinole rules developer. Crokinole may vary with playing surface typically of polished wood or laminated. It is approximately 26 inches in diameter. 3 concentric rings for 5, 10 and 15 points are carved into the board. There is a hole in the centre for 20 points. A 15-point ring is guarded with 8 small bumpers or posts. The outer ring is divided into four quadrants. Boards are usually octagonal or round in shape


It is only by chance determined a player’s or a team’s initial play, color of discs, and seating position. In singles Crokinole game (2 players), opponents sit facing each other on the boards and each one has a different color of discs. Each player has a chance to shot 8 discs and then alternate turns.

In doubles (with 4 players or 2 teams), partners sit on opposite sides of the board and play with the same color of discs but from the opposite color of their opponents’ discs. Each player has a chance to shot 6 discs.

How to play Crokinole

Crokinole Rules

1. Crokinole rules say that proceeding in Clockwise direction, each player attempts to make a valid shot.

Valid Shot-

If any opposing disks are in play, at least one of those shooters discs must hit an opposing disc either directly or by bumping among his/her discs in play to an opposing disc.

If there are not any opposing discs in play, the shooting disk or at least one disk struck through the shooter must end up touching or inside the 15 lines. (A 20 is considered within the 15 lines)

If a valid shot according to crokinole rules isn't created, the shooting disc and all the other discs which were struck, including any 20s, are removed and put in the ditch.

2. After each turn, any number of 20’s is removed and placed in a designated area and remain there until the end of the round.

3. After the round ends, and all the discs have been shot, the score on the board shall be counted along with the 20’s.

4. In singles, players alternate their turns and in doubles, the start of each round will move clockwise.

Scoring in Crokinole

There are certain criteria for scoring set in crokinole rules. Let’s take a look at what’s inside Crokinole board game score box-

1. The centre hole has 20 points, the region around it has 15, the next region outside the pegs is 10 and outer one 5.

2. To score 20, a disc must be completed in the centre hole and lie flat.

3. A disc that touches a line scores lower value from the two regions.

4. The outermost ring on the board is the shooting line and any disc beyond the line is considered out of the play and doesn’t gain anything.

5. According to tournament crokinole rules, the winner scores 2 points. A game has 4 rounds. If there is a draw, each team earns 1 point.

6. Traditionally, at the end of each round, points are canceled, son only one or neither team scores points. For e.g. 30-0, 15-0, 0-0, 5-0 (sample scores)

7. The game will continue until one team scores predetermined points (usually 100). Sample scores would be, 100-85, 110-60, 105-10, etc…

Origins of the Name

“Crokinole” came from “croquignole”, a French word which in modern times represent-

  1. Kind of “cookie” (in France).
  2. “Pastry”, similar to doughnut (in French Canada)
  3. Also known as “knipsbrat” (low German)

Wrapping Up…

So these were Crokinole rules, history and the origins of it name. There is World Crokinole Championship (WCC) conducted annually since 1999 on the first Saturday of June in Ontario. National Crokinole Association (NCA) is a ferderation that supports the existing and helps developing new crokinole clubs and tournaments.

Crokinole Rules - How to Play Crokinole Game

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