Darts Rules - Get Yourself Better with Darts Game in 10 Minutes

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 01, 2019

Darts Game

A sport on which tiny missiles are being aimed and thrown at a circular target (Dartboard), which is being fixed at a wall. Darts is a game that is being played well and excelled by Britain. This game is highly important for the soldiers for their perfect aim. It is being played almost in every nation but it is highly played wealthy countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, US, and Scandinavia. Darts is considered as one of the largest and interesting sports in the world because it is being presented at pubs and bars.

Darts Rules

Object of the Game

Ideally, the standard version of the game is 501 for competition and the main aim or object of the game is to get the score to 50 or less before the game ends by scoring zero. All this can be achieved by throwing a double or bulls-eye with the dart.


  • Set of 3 Darts. The choice is yours either soft tipped or steel tipped.
  • Try to get the best Dartboard.
  • A safe wall where the Dartboard can be played well.

Darts is the most important equipment and it is worthless without the board and thus equipment for the success. It is made up of sisal fibers and also available in modern electronic versions. At the beginning stage, the Boards were made up of elm which is super heavy. The board was created by a Lancashire carpenter in the 1896th year. During that time, mathematicians used to discuss a lot about to minimize the board’s layout but still, current design and size are appropriate for the game.

Darts are made up of the combination of metal, nylon, and plastic. The actual size and weight vary from person to person interest and ability to buy but there is a certain range that should be followed which is weight should not be more than 50g and length should not be longer than 300mm.


Standard International Dartboard is known as clock board. Its measurement is 18 inches as per diameter and there are 20 numbers, segments are designed equally as per pie chart and bull’s eye being placed center of the Dartboard. The numbered segment has been uniquely designed in which there are 2 rings on the outside perimeter and 3 rings on the interior perimeter.

There is an outerbull and innerbull area surrounded at bull’s eye. A single bull that makes the player score 25 is known as outerbull area and the double bull which helps the player to score 50 is known as innerbull area.

Never place the Dartboard near the window because there are chances that the Dart bounces out of the Dartboard.


At least two players should be there to play the game. Each player gets 7 rounds to play this game. During the first round, the players aim for the 1st section.

Darts Scoring

A player can score by simply throwing the darts on the wall. A player can throw 3 darts in their turn and maximum score can be 180 by throwing three treble 20s. When the player throws a dart and it is declared bull then he or she will receive 50 points whereas the outer bull is for 25 points and there are many different scores for respective value. Standard scored is calculated by counting doubles and triples.

Winning the game

When the player reaches zero by throwing a dart and it gets declared as a bull, which means score got down from the 501 starting point then that player is declared as the winner. It is also known as leg and first three set of the leg is known as the winner of the game.

Rules and Regulation of Darts

A glance will be received by all of you by reading the above content but read the below-given rules for quick and easy understanding:

  • How can one decide who will throw the Dart first? So, in this case, the players have to throw a single Dart on the board and whosoever’s Dart is nearest that player will start or begin the game.
  • At least there should be 3 throws to win the game in fewer.
  • The Darts which are on the board will only be counted and if in case certain Darts fall it would not be considered in the game.
  • Generally, the centre of the bull should be of 5ft 8inches high.
  • Oche is a toe-line where the Dart should be aimed and thrown. It is of at least 7ft 91/4 inch from the board by measuring horizontally.
  • When a player scores more than their required score than it will be considered as zero.

Darts Rules - Get Yourself Better with Darts Game in 10 Minutes

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