Data security and employee GPS system, a match made in security heaven

 Aigerim Berzinya
  Apr 16, 2018

“Data security refers to protective digital privacy measures that are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites. Data security also protects data from corruption. Data security is an essential aspect of IT for organisations of every size and type.” Data security as defined by Techopedia.

OK, you got me, this is the first definition to pop up on any search but it really says it all. There it is, the biggest buzz word of the last year explained for any novice, explained for any employee.

Security is paramount these days, both on a personal and industrial level. Companies simply cannot function without all proper security protocols in place. This is something that the technological innovators of today strive for. Producing the tech required to ensure the accurate, timely and secure delivery of data is any developers dream. One could also add to this wish list, compliance with both data security and data privacy laws, and the holy grail – a tool preventing the unauthorised access of sensitive information or company data.

Any organisation can quite quickly and painlessly enhance data security by simply enabling an employee monitoring system. When you think about it, companies have always been monitoring employees, how else could they ever keep track of productivity and create payrolls. We are talking pre industrial revolution ,never mind pre employee timesheet or stamp card.

Modern employee monitoring systems may require more employee information than name, date of birth and address. In fact employers are now privy to very detailed information concerning their employee’s activities –

  • Real time employee tracking via GPS tracking
  • Audio and visual surveillance
  • Maintaining records of employee phone usage
  • Tracking employee internet usage and habits

That is why it is imperative that today’s employee monitoring systems are equipped with features that are there solely to improve data security. Protecting this sensitive material is of the utmost importance for all concerned, but just how does an employee monitoring system improve data security?

1. Accurate and up to date information

In order for employee tracking software to provide real time employee information and record it automatically without the need for human intervention accurate data is essential.

The days of collecting and entering hours worked on a spreadsheet are thankfully over and the room for human error removed.

The data in your employee monitoring tool will be 100% authentic and accurate. A win-win for both employee and employer.

2. No data leaks

Any disgruntled employee can leak sensitive information to your competitor, but quite often, leaks of sensitive data have also occurred in error. Employees have unwittingly leaked company data that has caused catastrophic financial loss to their employers.

With a professional employee monitoring solution it is easy to track what your employees are doing on the internet, you can scan their emails and keep track of their phone activity. Employee monitoring software is designed to take screenshots or record employee activity based on keystrokes or keywords typed.

If employed correctly this software will at best prevent a data leak and at worst identify those responsible for one, placing you in a position to take immediate action.

As an employer you must always be upfront with your workforce, they must be made fully aware of all methods of tracking or surveillance that you plan to put in place(unless you are carrying out covert tracking for criminal activity). This cannot be done retrospectively. Open and maintain an honest dialogue and work toward building and maintaining an honest, open workplace.

3. Data security

Employee tracking software helps to secure your proprietary data, only those authorised can enter the backend of your system, while employees will need valid credentials in order to log in. Strong passwords are a must.

With these tracking solutions and with your employees prior knowledge, you can also track their mobile devices and use remote features to secure the data they contain. For example, the device will lock if an incorrect password is entered multiple times and if you know for sure that the device has been stolen you can quickly and remotely wipe the device of any and all data.

This feature is also helpful when you need to clear data from a device of an employee leaving your company. Bear in mind that 59% employees steal company data when they quit or are fired!

It is also easy to put additional checks in place – print tracking and file tracking – for example. These can prevent anyone from taking away company data on any device, USB, email or other transfer application.

Managers can, without question, track what data their employees are accessing through their devices and will be instantly notified if someone is accessing something they shouldn’t be.

4. A centralised system

Historically it was impossible to keep track of all employees and their activities without extensive infrastructure, hardware, manpower and investment. Back in the day, employee tracking was quite covert, and although employers arguably know more today about their employees than any other time in history, this knowledge, when used correctly, helps both employee and employer in equal measure.

The employee monitoring tracking systems available today are cloud based and enable employers to track computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other proprietary devices.

Through a single interface you can have control of all your company devices and employee data. It can and should be that simple.

I hope what I have shared above has shown, in even the slightest way, how integral an employee monitoring system is to any modern data security policy.

These systems will keep your company safe and therefore your workforce safe and secure in their jobs. They keep employee data safe and centrally organised - therefore no payroll mix ups, no holidays cancelled, no bloated workforce dealing with endless needless data. They help to track employee performance, encouraging a system of reward for hard work, which in turn creates a more positive environment.

These systems are proactive, make it your mission to ‘be proactive not reactive, for an apparently insignificant issue ignored today can spawn tomorrow’s catastrophe’. Ken Poirot.

Data security and employee GPS system, a match made in security heaven

Aigerim Berzinya

Aigerim Berzinya is the Marketing Director at Turtler GPS Ltd. and as the company's globetrotting backpacker uses the app and SHELL device while hiking abroad or in the mountains to stay connected and safe.

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