Discover Some Eye-Opening SEO Tips for Content Marketing!

 Derek Iwasiuk
  Jun 09, 2016

One of the main activities that you must perform on your website to make it successful is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a series of actions performed on your website to make it more relevant to visitors and rank higher in search engine results. One of the actions that is performed is content marketing.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is where the website content attracts visitors, provides solutions to the challenges that brought them to your website and encourages them to invest in your product or service. It is a very important SEO strategy. Other methods of SEO include building links, inserting keywords and advertising your website using Google Adwords. These strategies are effective but they are all held together by content marketing. Do you want to produce content that performs effective SEO for your website? Read these tips.

Respond to semantic queries asked by Internet users

There has been a shift towards semantic search queries in the world's leading search engine, Google. The developers have made the engine so sophisticated that it is able to respond to queries made in natural language by understanding the semantics of the question. Initially, the search engine responded to the keywords in search queries. Today, it is able to understand entire statements. You should tailor your content marketing to adapt to this change.

As you create content for your website, let it answer the questions that your niche market could be asking themselves. Keywords are often phrases of two to three words. It is time to expand your vision in the content. Let the copy in your website be full of relevant information that answers the questions that the visitors have. Investigate the intent of your niche market. After that, provide what they truly desire in your content. In addition to that, adapt it such that it is properly presented even on mobile platforms. This is proven by the following case study.

Case study

Advances in technology have resulted in powerful mobile devices. Examples of these are smartphones, tablets and netbooks. This has been documented in a study performed by Mobile Path to Purchase.

According to their study, 60% of people today make use of mobile devices to search for information on Google and other search engines. As a result of their report, it is necessary for webmasters to adapt their websites for the mobile platform. This means changing their approach to content marketing SEO strategies. By making these changes, they will be able to capture the mobile user audience.

Focus more on creating relationships with your target than just technical SEO activity

According to top Los Angeles SEO specialists, webmasters have to comply with a specific set of compliance regulations. Staying within these regulations ensures that their websites rank well in the search results. Other SEO strategies such as keywords in the copy also contribute to a good rank in search engine results. However, for your website to rank among the top, you should create a content marketing campaign that establishes lasting relationships with your target market.

What does this campaign involve? A relationship-centered campaign involves outreach to bloggers, contacting influential personalities on social media and creating robust relationships with the advocates of brands.

Prior to beginning a content marketing campaign, you must first of all ensure that the technical features of your website are sound and effective. This is important because your campaign will attract many visitors. It is best that these visitors come and find a website that is working properly. Creating relationships with these stakeholders provides you with long-term SEO benefits.

Focus on link building that establishes long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

Link building is one of the well-known SEO strategies. Traditionally, online marketers and webmasters performed this strategy simply by submitting links to their websites to online directories such as the Open Directory Project. To achieve exceptional SEO results, webmasters must look to other methods of link building that are modern and provide longer lasting results. They include:

1. Contributing content to reputable and famous blogs. You can also invite famous bloggers to write their content on your blogs too. This creates a symbiotic relationship.

2. Creating social media pages for your website and posting resources that readers will be compelled to share in their networks. You can also post some inbound links in these posts to lead visitors to your website.

3. Providing your content in online communities that discuss material that fits in your niche. This is described as a Business to Community approach.

Apply SEO optimization to all elements in your website content

While performing all the above SEO tips for content marketing, you should ensure that the content in your website has been optimized. To optimize the copy in your web pages, the long-tail key phrases should address questions that have conversational semantics. There are other elements of your webpages that you should also optimize by placing the keywords in them. These elements are:

1. The URLs

2. The titles of your webpages

3. The Headings

4. The image labels and tags


The content of your website should be a reliable source of information in your niche topic. It should be compelling and beneficial to readers. These tips will assist you to ensure this. Following them will propel your website to the top of the search results.

Discover Some Eye-Opening SEO Tips for Content Marketing!

Derek Iwasiuk

Derek Iwasiuk runs national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEOs and top agencies such as Engage the Crowd the best Los Angeles SEO service provider. You can also follow him on Twitter @Diwasiuk

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