Do bone conduction headphones damage your hearing?

 Sandy Burgess
  Aug 15, 2018

In the bone conduction the sound is made up of with the vibrations. It would offer you a different way of hearing. Instead of sending the vibrations through eardrums the bone conduction would send vibration through your cheekbones and in cochlea’s which by passes the eardrum together.

  • After wearing the bone conduction you can able to get an increased situational awareness. You can able to hear all the sounds that are taking place in and around you.
  • It would be more comfortable fit and you can set them and stay free while you are travelling.
  • It would give you a unique listening experience which would create a great favourite tune.
  • It gives you a better passive noise cancellation aid which is more hygiene that would support you always during your travel.
  • You can able to get a better sound quality that too you would get a perfect frequency response.

The use of the bone conduction technology had been greatly impacted those with the hearing loss and for medical profession that treats it. Although the implants for hearing up impaired which had been extremely successful for implant that relay on air conditions the sound waves has the ability of those waves for passing through the inner ear. The headphones are used for accomplish many different things but the most important thing is the motivation. Through hearing the music one can able to divert their dull mood to interesting one.

Know its operation and then make use of it

Once you started understanding the operation of the bone conduction you can able to understand the techniques that had been used in it. It acts as ideal solution for those who want to stay connected up with the surroundings. The bone conduction acts as the best support for the blind or nearsighted. But when the level of the sound increases then sure it would create some problem in your ears. To avoid that when you check out its features then sure you can able to avoid such kind of problems.

  • Check out its features.
  • Know whether it would suit for your ears.
  • Check out its functionality.
  • The style that you choose should set up for your ears.
  • It is also necessary for you to check up it is flexible for you.
  • When you wear then it should give you a good comfortable situation when you hear the song.

How can you pick up the best pair bone conduction that would not cause damage for your ears?

The attractive Aftershokz trekz air it is the best option for deciding between the air and titanium. You can able to get ultimately newer slight lighter air over the titanium. The size of this would be slimmer version. You can able to get them in three different colors as like forest green, midnight blue and slate grey. You can able to easily pair them through using the Bluetooth V4.2 multipoint pairing. You can able to hear the song for 6 hours in this the titanium had been improved up with the dual noise canceling microphones that helps for reducing the wind and static for hearing music and calls.

The stunning AfterShokz Treks titanium and this is a well reputed bone conduction headphones manufacturer and they can be recently showcased with wireless versions. You can able to get them in three different unique colors as Ocean blue and black, Ivy (green and black) and slate color. It would be silicone coated titanium band which makes them fairly and flexible without any damages.

The innovative vibrabeats vidonn it is a wireless and has a multiple features inbuilt within it. This would be comfortable as well as it acts as the best fit.

Where can you buy your best bone headphones?

You can able to buy your headphones in local store or in online based on your interest. When you buy them in local store you can able to check out and pick the best once, but you should read the AudioReputation recommendations before you do. But at the same time you can able to see only the few models that had been available in it. In same way when you check up in the online there you can able to find out a different model that had been gathered together in the same place. From that it would be little easy for you to compare and to pick up the best once from it.

Does it cause damage to your ears?

This is not possible but when you crossed the limit or chosen the bad pair for your ears then sure you would be a great loser. In that case before you are buying it when you preplan and buy it then after that you don’t want to worry thinking about whether it would cause any damage for your ears or not.

Do bone conduction headphones damage your hearing?

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