Dominoes Rules and Scoring – How to Play It!

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 05, 2019

Arrangement before the Game Begins

In this article, we provide the basic dominoes rules and how to play it. Firstly, the players are supposed to seat around the table. The following can be one of the ways to arrange the settle the players around the table that is: After the tiles get shuffled each player have to pick a domino from the stock. Then the comparison has to be made between the tiles that who has received the highest number of pipes with the tiles and respectively that player will receive the first choice for the seat.

The seats should be occupied by the next highest receiver and so on. If in case there is a tie then again the tiles will be shuffled and players will pick a domino again. Tiles will be collected back from the players and reshuffled. Then the players can start the game. If the players play in pair then they are supposed to sit opposite of each other.

Dominoes Rules


The number of tiles varies with the number of players, for an instance:

  • 2 players will get 9 tiles each.
  • 3 players will get 7 tiles each.
  • 4 players will get 5 tiles each.

Boneyard helps to form the other tiles.


  • Domino set
  • Cribbage board or paper and pen

Double six domino set is useful for this game and a cribbage board is useful to maintain the record of the points. If the players do not have cribbage board then they can make use of pen and paper also in order to record the points.

Dominoes Rules - How to Play Dominoes Game?

  • The game should be carried in a clockwise direction.
  • A player who draws the highest double of the set will start the game.
  • Then the all the players shall draw the tile according to their turn and place them in front of them in such a way that the other players could not see it.
  • The player who receives the first turn will be also known as the setter, downer or the leader.
  • Doubles are played crosswise and the tiles shall be counted as a scoring factor.
  • Spinner can be known as when this game is played in doubles. The first and the second tile played should be placed against a side and then the third, as well as fourth tiles, should be placed against the ends.
  • The tiles are drawn from the boneyard when a player fails to play a tile. When the boneyard gets empty and still the player fails to play the game then his or her turn is passed to the other player.
  • By this way, it continues till a player domino or all the players are out from the game.


Line of Play

  • All the players try to match and play a tile it is known as the line of play.

Tips to Spin.

  • When players play on all the four sides it is known as spin. If the double play is not a spinner then the players have to play on the two sides only. There are different rules for spinning it depends on the player which rules are selected at the beginning of the game.

How to Score?

  • The players should set the tiles in such a way that they are the multiple of a number and thus that player will receive a point.
  • At the end of the table when there are a double and scores the total of its pipes, for an instance 5-5 is worth ten points in the total. Whereas, in the case of first double (spinner) will also be stored in the same way. The tiles of both ends will be only counted when the tiles have been placed against its sides.
  • The score would not be considered if the second tile is being played against the spinner. However, the score will be considered when tiles are placed on the two ends of the layout and if the spinner is placed on the line as it was a tile.
  • When a new arm is created by extending from one of its ends then this third tile will also be counted in the total
  • The fourth arm should be begun by extending the other end of the spinner.
  • The scores will be divided by 5. For instance, if the core is 15 then it will be divided by 5 and the result will be 3 points.
  • However, the players should decide a target for the game and if that target is achieved then that player will be the winner.

End of the Dominoes Game

The game comes to an end when certain numbers of turns are completed or a player achieves the set targeted points. The main motive of this game is to win by becoming the first player to dispose of all the dominoes in his or her hand. As soon as the player observes such a situation then he or she has to announce “Domino”. At times players fail to complete the main motive of the game and then such game is known as blocked game.

Other Domino Games

1) Bidding Game

This Bidding game is like a card game and it should be played with two or more players. The players need to bid and name the suit by this waypoints will be given according to the highest bid.

2) Blocking Game

A game where the matching of dominoes is done in a line is known as blocking game. Points shall be given at the end of the game only.

3) Round Game

Round games are for party games and it is played with three to ten players. Scoring is done at the end of each hand.

Dominoes Rules and Scoring – How to Play It!

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