Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes with Your New WordPress Site

  Jul 08, 2019

Most beginners make common mistakes because they have no experience and don’t know what is required. However, people who have used this website for some time also make the same mistakes. Avoiding such errors enables you to grow your business by saving time. The best way to do this is by learning from others.

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WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Below are some of the errors that many folks make, which you might be making too:

Wrong Platform

Most individuals make the mistake of using the wrong platform when creating their blogs. Many folks are not aware that there are 2 distinct choices of WordPress. The first is, which acts as a blog hosting platform, and the which many people are aware of and use. The latter is a self-hosted platform.

Beginners ought to use the self-hosted one first because it is not only easy to use, but it provides you with all the tools you need, and it is free. You are the owner of the website, and it cannot be shut down even if somebody does not agree with your opinions. You only need to conduct legal activities, and content. You can include free, customized, or paid apps on your blog. has 5 plans, but only one is free the rest you have to pay monthly. You can use the free option until your content reaches 3GB. After this, you ought to move to one of the paid plans. While using this platform, you don’t have to worry about losing your content because it naturally backs it up for you.


When creating your website, you require a domain name and web hosting channel. People get confused when representatives of various domains seek to sell different services. These services such as protection for your privacy, security, emails, and others are tempting but not necessary. Save your money and use it on useful endeavors like your company. If you require these services later, you can get them from the hosting enterprise.

Select the correct hosting plan for the site, but if you are a beginner, using a sharing an account is convenient and will help in your endeavor. Use a company to host your website based on reviews and recommendations. Some offer discounts for hosting as well as free SSL certification and domain. As your enterprise, you can advance to another plan or choose to use a managed hosting WordPress company.

Changing the Permalinks Wrongly

Before creating a blog, you should consider the permalinks because they play a major role to your website. As the name suggests, these links are permanent, and you don’t have to keep changing them every time.

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In case you change them, your URLs will automatically change and search engines will not display your posts. This happens because your initial permalinks were already indexed. Visitors will be directed to your site, but they will get the common error message saying that your page cannot be found. Avoid doing this because most visitors don’t return to sites with errors.

Not Having a Backup Plan

Costly damages happen almost every year through the loss of important data. Most of the websites can be easily hacked and are vulnerable to thieves and accidents. The only way to shield your site is by creating an automatic backup. This will allow you to save data every time even if you forget. Recovering a lost blog is challenging, and sometimes it can be difficult.

Creating a reserve is a necessity, and WordPress has plugins designed for backup. Once you create these plugins, they will monitor and backup your content automatically. Another common error is keeping this back up on the hosts’ server. You need to store it in a different location because if the hosts’ site is hacked your data will be lost. There are essays which have detailed information on how to do detailed backups, for instance.

Wrong Theme

WordPress has some of the best themes, and beginners find themselves spoilt for choice. Some users try multiple layouts before choosing one. To avoid rebuilding your website every time you choose a different theme, settle for one, and stick with it. This way, your fans will get familiar with your style, brand, and site. Your brand depends on consistency and uniqueness.

How does one choose the right theme? The best way to do this is by choosing the simple ones; this works for many people and even established brands. Choose a theme that appears clearly on all devices, flexible when it comes to customization and adapting to changes, and it should be compatible with different plugins.


Using WordPress is quite simple, although, most beginners make several mistakes out of ignorance. The mistakes listed above are not only made by beginners but also by regular users. If you are serious about growing your brand through your website, try to avoid these mistakes as they will either cast your data or followers.

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes with Your New WordPress Site


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