Dynamics CRM Makes It Easier for You to Hit the Bull?s Eye

  May 17, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the top customer relationship management solutions in the market. The solution is not only curated to offer a fabulous experience to the customers but it also benefits the sales and marketing teams equally, to craft most valuable plans.

When it comes to relationship management, it is basically a customer-focused aspect with service replies centered on customer insights, one-to-one keys to customers’ needs, direct online messages with customer as well as customer support centers that assist the customers to get rid of all the troubles. However, when talking about sales, the CRM comprises of a very solid feature named as the sales force automation solution. These features are utilized to implement a myriad of sales promotion analysis. Plus, the sales features of CRM help to automate the tracking of a customer’s account history as well, and that too for repeated sales or even for the future sales. Dynamics CRM also helps the marketing, sales, customer service and even the retail outlet operators to work in sync to realize the salesforce automation.

Customer services of Microsoft dynamics CRM is intended to support the complete sales process from attaining a new lead via the closure of a sale. Dynamics CRM has a specified section to record the contact data for fresh leads, a place to trace the follow-up messages (like emails, calls, appointments etc.), and the quality to qualify a Lead in a Contact Account as well as Opportunity.

Dynamics 365 stores the Leads in a distinctive section (principally quarantined) to make sure that the main databank of Accounts as well as the Contacts does not get messy with a host of information, and even with the list of people who are not relevant to the company’s work.

The sales process in Dynamics 365 helps to acquire more leads and attain greater customer satisfaction. It helps the sales professionals to maintain constant sales interactions with the help of the sales methods as it takes you via every stage, from developing a lead to finalizing the sale.

Qualify a lead and turn it into an opportunity

As soon as you determine the purchase process, time period, budget as well as the decision makers for a particular sale, it’s the perfect time to identify the lead. In order to turn a lead into an opportunity, the user has to qualify a lead into Dynamics CRM.

Essentially, the prospects should have a requirement that you can offer a solution for. Also, your budget, time periods well as the influence should be apt to encourage the lead to turn into a client.

Modify the quotes

One of the best ways to amplify the sales is by increasing or adding more products or services to the clients’ buckets. Apart from the product bundles or families, you can even chose to edit the bucket or the offering to make the deal more attractive.

Also, you can keep editing or changing the quotes just for the customers. In fact the quotes and even the messaging can be personalized as per the customer as well.

In fact, Dynamics CRM also offers an option to change the quote into order and an invoice at the final stage.

Developing/Editing/Closing the leads

A prospect is just like a deal that are almost about to win. Once you start following the complete sales process from the initial stage to the ending stage, the user has to qualify a lead to change it into an opportunity. Also, close the leads on the system also, whether it is a successful conversion or not.


Dynamics CRM is an all-encompassing software that benefits all, including the sales professionals, especially, when it comes to the sales experts, it is very important to gauge the insights related to the customer. These insights help to curate valuable sales strategies, and that is what the CRM lets the sale people do. Also, the inclusion of the things like the option to curate customized campaigns in the Dynamics CRM makes it easier for the sales and marketing professionals to convert more leads. In short, the CRM simplifies the sales process, determines sales insights, enables the users to track emails, and therefore boost the sales.

Dynamics CRM Makes It Easier for You to Hit the Bull?s Eye


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