E-commerce trends that will shape your 2018 Shopping experience

 Kinjal Patel
  Jan 16, 2018

The business sector that is growing at a rapid pace is online shopping or e-commerce sector. E-commerce sector is seeing a humongous growth since the arrival of new technological features like augmented reality, voice-interface, machine learning, etc. E-commerce sector grows 23% every year and is projected to reach revenues up to 4 trillion dollars by 2020. With such development in the sector, developers are also including more advanced features for e-commerce apps and websites setting new trends for e-commerce shopping.

The rapid paced development in the e-commerce sector makes it significant that you stay updated with new technology a development company. Surely these features were introduced in 2017 but they are really advanced features. But what are these features that stayed in 2018?

Mobile shoppers

There are over a billion smartphones on the planet. And honestly, smartphones are the favorite tools for online shoppers. It is estimated that the half of the e-commerce sales will be accounted for mobile shopping by the end of 2018 which is roughly over 650 billion dollars. There is no doubt that e-commerce will rule the mobile platform, so it is really important for the developers to integrate their e-commerce business in the mobile app.

Voice shopping

Voice-enabled shopping was introduced at the end of 2017 so it is kind of a new technology. A survey suggests that 40% of Millennials (who are the most dominant audience base) have used voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri for online shopping. Developers have started to include this voice-interface in their e-commerce apps making voice shopping possible. Although this technology is in the beginning phase it will be perfected in the coming time.

Augmented reality & Virtual reality

AR & VR is a tech that is being perfected by time. Although this technology has been around for a while, it is now that this technology got a commercial application. Lego was the first to install ARKit in their which showed the finished product in 3D. This created a revolution in the online shopping sector. In 2018 we will see more e-commerce and retailers embrace AR & VR technology.

Personalized shopping experience

As these new technologies are introduced in the online shopping sector, customers are expecting a more personalized experience. While all the apps are providing more options to personalize the user’s experience, it becomes pivotal for your app to introduce much better features to serve your users. You can use machine learning and study the shopping pattern of the user and suggest an appropriate product to the user. You can also use push notifications, email marketing, SMS marketing to recommend products to the user hence providing them a personalized experience.

Content is important

Content is an important part of marketing in the online shopping sector. User-generated content, as well as the marketing content your team makes, is important for marketing your product. Many bigger companies are already using content marketing strategies to increase sales, so it is about time you start investing in content marketing strategies. You can use video contents and text content as well for marketing of your product.

Social media presence and importance

Social media is the base of effective advertising and marketing. Surveys suggest that over 85% of people research the product on the web and social media before buying that product. It is most definitely sure that this trend will grow in the coming years. So to make the best out of this trend, make sure to enrich your product listing with comprehensive description, video contents, and social media proof like customer reviews and ratings.


Surely there are many other trends in the market but these trends are the most popular upcoming trends of 2018. If you are not able to include these trends in your app then you can outsource the project to other development companies. The country that is the best in outsourcing E-Commerce Solution is India who is up to date with the latest technologies.

E-commerce trends that will shape your 2018 Shopping experience

Kinjal Patel

Kinjal Patel is an internet marketing manager and also the co-founder of Vrinsoft Technology. She is an expert in SEO, SMO, PPC, App Store Optimization etc. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.

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