Ease Yourself With A Foot Detox- An Awesome Relaxation Technique

 Komal Belani
  Dec 28, 2017

A stress buster is what we all need to get out of all the Monday blues and weekday hardships. The daily stressful life and the damage that it causes to our body and mind needs to be balanced with some relaxing ways to live a life which is worth living. Often people find ways to feed their souls out of all the hullabaloos that a daily chaos life causes to them, foot detox is surely one of them. It's a delight to be engraved in this simple and easy relaxation technique that enriches us from within.

What does it mean to get a foot detox service?

Simply it is understandable that a detoxing means removing or washing off the toxins from our body and make it harmless from the bacteria and other germs. But to be more profound, it is not just this simple to get the detox done as the procedure is a little bit complex. Either it can be done in renowned massage and beauty parlors or there are certain kinds of kits available both offline and online so that people can avail themselves customized detox services in the confinement of their homes only. But it’s always advisable to let an expert take over this task as they possess the right skills of it.

The color-changing phenomenon in foot-detox

The wide-spread conception about the color-changing phenomenon is that if the water changes its color during the foot bath, the detox is working. However, that’s not true all the time. Sometimes it may occur due to the foot bath itself but there are more than one reasons such as the impurities present in the water or the metal corrosion due to electricity that may make it happen.

How is it done? The process...

There are several types of procedures that are available in the world of detox, but the end result is almost the same in all of them. The feet are dipped in a bucket of salt water which contains electrodes that pass 'electric current' all throughout the water bucket. This helps in the detoxification of the feet from impurities and germs. It’s done for a minimum of 30 minutes that can be extended to an hour in some cases. It’s believed that the toxins exit through the bottom of the feet and thus the color of the water changes after a foot detox session is over. The ions present in the salt water- both negative and positive, are held responsible for the discharge of the impurities as they interact vigorously in the liquid.

How is it helpful for us?

There are as many benefits of a foot detox as we get from regular exercising or beauty treatments. Basically, it releases the toxins and impurities from our feet but apart from this, there are several other advantages of this service. Like it energizes the cells of the whole body for at least next twenty-four to forty-eight hours of a detox session which in turn enhances our immune system to a greater extent. It also detoxifies our liver, kidney, and intestine to a certain extent and regulates the pH level of our system dramatically. It's highly recommended for working people who have a tough life and has to step out of the house daily as they are more prone to harmful germs present in the polluted environment.

Getting yourself freed from toxins (be it from body or soul), is sometimes a necessity. The pure cleansing up leads us to a lighter self both inwardly and outwardly. We need to experience this frequently to let the harmful toxins come out of our body. Foot detox is itself a way to do so. The more you are involved in relieving activities like this, the more chances are there to get a life which keeps you fitter and healthier in the long run. Age really does not matter when it comes to taking care of ourselves and we should never forget the same.

Ease Yourself With A Foot Detox- An Awesome Relaxation Technique

Komal Belani

Komal Belani is a full-time content writer with Great Healthy Benefits and lead editor at Bizzield.com. She is a passionate health, fitness, beauty, food and nutritional blogger. The goal of her writing is to enable your passion for healthy eating, living, and lifestyle.

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