Ecommerce - How is Changing Warehouses for the Better

 Chloe Smith
  Jan 22, 2019

As simple as they are, warehouses have been a vital part of human commerce since we figured out what walls are. While the basic principle is the same (four walls, a roof, put stuff in them) understand that in today's world everything is changing. The same goes for warehouses. Namely, with the advent of technology and, of course, the internet, the very face of commerce and industry is evolving. This means that warehouses are supposed to follow suit.


This is where E-commerce comes in. As an ever-growing and vital part of the business world of today, the warehouse needs to change accordingly. If they don’t, the development of other areas of business will be stopped. There is no sense in becoming more efficient and productive when it comes to sales, if actual storage can't keep up. For this reason, E-commerce has been a positive influence on the evolution of warehouses.

Software and technology

Probably the clearest and most direct way warehouses are influenced by ecommerce is through better software. Thanks to ecommerce, there are hundreds of inventory management, logistics, and transport pieces of software out there. Furthermore, barcoding systems, data streaming, and basically everything there is to speed up storage and productivity can be found out there. The speed of ecommerce and how it functions forces warehouses to update, and update fast.

Furthermore, you see people with gadgets, tablets, and other devices that help them keep track of what's going on in a warehouse. They are connected to everybody else in the company, at all times. The usage of all this technology does wonders for the whole business. With further advancement, actual storage and send-off projections can be utilized during a warehouse’s workday.

Furthermore, it did wonders for tracking software. Before, you had to read out classifications, serial numbers, and piles of documents. Now, with a push of a button and a scan-gun, you can speed up your workday significantly.

Innovative logistics

Ecommerce came from, and in turn strengthens, the fact that the entire world is no connection. This means that all over the world, around the globe, people are ordering merchandise and goods. Furthermore, they expect faster shipping, better services, tracking, and, of course, safety. Furthermore, the products they want vary in shape, size, transportation and handling needs… So now you have multiple dimensions of complexity, for products all around the globe.

But, then you e-commerce companies like Amazon, for example. Because of the way they do business (i.e. sell products all around the globe) Amazon needed to revamp the way they work with their warehouses. They needed to optimize them, to introduce new technology, and to spruce up their logistical methods.

However, this doesn't just improve the relationship between the employees and the employer. In fact, it does wonders for the connection between the company and the suppliers. Things run much more smoothly, and communication is much better. This in turn makes it easy for the supplier to stay in contact with the employees who are supposed to handle his goods.

Better training

Warehouses have also become more efficient at training their staff. New workflows, procedures, protocols and systems have come about from e-commerce. With these new systems, an employee can be taught to do his job in two days, something that would have lasted for two weeks just a decade ago. This is true not only because the training is optimized better, but also because their actual work is simplified. At first glance, it may seem that getting all this done has become much harder, thanks to the advanced technology and equipment. However, a part of what actually makes this stuff so advanced is the fact that it's very user-friendly. The tech is set up in such a way that it leaves room for error, mitigating any mistakes that may occur.

Furthermore, you need the right equipment for the employees to be trained in. Invest in quality forklifts, such as NFM Forklifts, and the highest quality tablets and other warehouse-specific gadgets. Invest in carts and other mobility vehicles that, while expensive at first, really make up for their price in the long run.

Essentially, you are left with a technology that speeds up the work people do tremendously, while at the same time allowing them to be trained in a very short while.


The advent of E-commerce essentially forced warehouses to adapt. This may sound rough, but it has in fact just nudged them to evolve in the right direction, to grow. By utilizing technology, warehouses became faster, more efficient. Their employees are better at their jobs, and with the assistance of certain gadgets, became even better. Training became faster, shipping more efficient, transport much safer. Actual costs are down, and profits are up. One can say that the warehouse and the e-commerce world are in some sort of race, one pushing each other to go further, and further.

Ecommerce - How is Changing Warehouses for the Better

Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith from the USA.

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