Effective Tips for Companies Struggling With Hiring or Retaining DBAs

 Ashley Dent
  Jun 02, 2015
Does your organization have trouble hiring and/or retaining DBAs? Take heart, do not be discouraged. Most likely, it is neither you nor your organization. It is the current times. As a twenty-year-old problem, hiring and/or retaining DBAs seems to be getting worse day by day. However, the good news is that solving this overly stubborn problem is not difficult.

Hiring and Retaining DBAs
It is important to note that several factors contribute to an increase in the need of database administration. Some of the factors include:
• A database that keeps growing three to five times their size after every three years
• Businesses and databases that need to run seven times twenty four
• Technology that is highly needed to support databases
• Escalation of security issues that surround databases
• The proliferation of all enterprise apps which fuels an increased need for database admin
• Solid database administration skills that take numerous years to acquire
The above forces and a host of others beyond your organization’s control normally keep fueling a rise in demand for database administration. This makes DBAs hard to hire and retain. Some other factors also do not favor chances of your organization to hire and retain database administrators.

Your organization’s physical location has a huge impact on its ability to not only hire but also retain DBA talent. Certain areas in the country normally have much more intense need for database admin talent compared to others. During the past twenty years or so, New York City and San Francisco, for example, have had insatiable appetite for DBA talent. For those in Wyoming and Sinclair, you might have a rough time finding and even retaining DBA experts.

Big versus small companies

Big companies normally have an array of checkbooks to hire DBA professionals. This makes it seem more than critical to hire such professionals. Although small or mid size companies might have similar critical needs to get solid database admin skills, these companies do not necessarily have the financial muscle to compete. This makes it hard to hire and retain a DBA professional.

Technical challenges

This is another factor that weighs in on an organization’s ability to employ and retain DBAs. Does your organization work on top-notch and leading edge technologies? Excellent technologies prefer to collaborate with each other. They normally work on those technologies that usually present a rather interesting challenge.

Organizations should consider the exact kind of life that they will offer their database administrators. Will they be on call seven days every week and twenty-four hours every day? Will they be able to share all the burdens with the rest of the employees within your company?

Of great importance to note is that the quality of life is exactly where a new breed of the remote DBA support service providers offers a real advantage over the in-house hires. This is because they normally specialize in database administration precisely. They enjoy economies of scale that a traditional company may not compete with.
Effective Tips for Companies Struggling With Hiring or Retaining DBAs

Ashley Dent

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