Emerging trends in exhibition stand designs

 Claudia O. Mir?
  Mar 15, 2018

Due to the dynamic nature of business today with cut throat competition, the utility of the exhibition stands is taking a whole new appeal to serve a broader purpose. There has been a sustained transition in exhibition technology with the first stands being very bulky then improved to lighter models. The material used in building such exhibition stands has continually been modified to be brighter, lighter as well as cost effective thus providing convenience to the exhibitors who look for supplier for exhibition stands. Some of the emerging trends in construction of exhibition stands include the use of fabrics, lighting, and easy organic designs that can be dissembled and mounted back with ease.


There has been a special focus on fabrics in the exhibition stands substituting for the heavy metallic stands which previously made the construction and movement of such stands to be cumbersome. Fabric also can be manipulated to provide for very eye catching designs that attract the customers more promptly. Such application of fabric is the translucent fabric that has been effectively used to project full wall graphics.


In the past, exhibitors did not pay much attention to the lighting detail and as such used the lighting they could get for illumination purposes. In modern day trends, there is much focus on strategic use of lighting to amplify the aesthetic appeal of the products in exhibition. There is a very wide range of lighting specifications presented in market today. Such include; gobos, halogens, wash lights and even spotlights.

Box design

Box design has become the most preferable design to many exhibitors today. The design does not necessarily oust the use of other shapes. It may use an oval, rectangular and even more complicated shapes but with very effective use of space. The box design is effective bin space management because it allows for exhibitors to use the entire space for them as well as eliminating the need for booth walls which would consume part of this space.


This has largely been influenced by computer technology. Such computer designs include the use of tombstone shapes, wave shapes, curves among other sophisticated designs to suite your preferences. Other popular trends are the utility of graphics in developing different shapes. In recent years, people have adopted to using printing by turning walls into fully lighted advertisement units. This has largely stimulated the sense of competition with many users taking strategic steps in exhibition hence standing out from a large pool.


The artistic use of colors has greatly influenced the exhibition scene with very innovative use of bold colors. This has also seen the emergence of new color varieties that are specific to the advertising industry. Such colors include Magenta red which has been classified as an accent color compatible to a variety of themes. Colors can however pose a challenge in the case where different tones have to be used overtime. These changes may prove to be expensive in the long run and hence exhibitors are encouraged to long term when choosing their desired colors.

In a modern sense, promoters and exhibitors have to make a lot of considerations in order to achieve their desired profit margins as well as reach and appeal to their target audience. The nature of market today is very competitive hence the need to keep a keen eye on emerging issues more so in the dynamic exhibition sector. Enhanced models of displaying given brands and products have the implications of selling the product image more promptly than any other model available to marketers today. The most proficient exhibitionists give special attention to detail from the way their stands are developed to the innovation of quality designs and even the means to maximize the usage of the allocated space for the given stand. With the modern emerging trends, one can also develop custom designs to stand out from what is common in the market today.

Emerging trends in exhibition stand designs

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