End of Lease Cleaning ? Important Features of the Cleaning Service

 Ashish Mishra
  May 21, 2018

End of lease cleaning ensures return back of your bond money when you are leaving a rental property. It is necessary that you leave a good impression on the owner of the property and fulfill the conditions before leaving. Cleaning can be daunting at the time of leaving your home as it will involve total home cleaning. Moving to a new home requires a lot of attention and you might be busy doing the shifting preparations.

Take the assistance of an end of cleaning service for proper cleaning of the rented property. These professionals will ensure careful cleaning of every corner of your property with set cleaning procedures. The cleaning services are important for receiving the full deposit and the owners return back the bond money only after confirming their property in good shape and odor. Looking for end of lease cleaners in Melbourne? You can get experienced cleaners for the work from a cleaning service.

Features of End of Lease Cleaning

. It ensures thorough cleaning process with special attention to the guidelines provided by the owner. Inputs are taken from the owners regarding any specific requirement.

. Based on the occupant’s directives, a checklist is made with the perfect cleaning of the property.

. The price chart of the services is affordable.

. Get the desired results with redoing of the cleaning procedures.

. The professionals use tools and cleaning methods to commend total cleaning of the property.

A professional end of lease service is the need of the hour if you are shifting from your rented property in Melbourne. Make sure that the money paid as per rules of the tenancy agreement is successfully reclaimed. The professional services ensure your claim settlement error-free.

What is expected of the End of Cleaning Services?

The cleaning services offer more than a regular home cleaning service. You can move on to moving house, while the professional end of lease cleaning service takes care of all the areas of home cleaning.

The end of lease cleaning service ensures the care of the following areas –

1. Lounge rooms and bedrooms. It involves dusting of surfaces & blinds, wiping window sills & skirting boards, removing cobwebs, polishing furniture, and cleaning mirrors.

2. Kitchen. It involves cleaning sinks and taps, splash back, bench tops, oven, grill, microwave, stove-top, and all appliances in the kitchen.

3. Bathroom. Here it involves cleaning of the basin, taps, mirrors, toilet, shower, wall tiles, and cupboards.

4. Floor. Clean the floors with a mop and vacuum.

5. Walls. It involves dusting, cleaning around switches, frames, fixtures, door handles, ceiling fans, spot cleaning of marks, and removing of cobwebs.

6. Window and door cleaning. The cleaning professional clean both the inside and out of the door & window glass.

7. Laundry Cleaning. It involves removal of lint/dust from clothes dryer and cleaning of fittings.

8. Balcony cleaning. It involves washing of the balcony space, cleaning glass & balusters, sweeping, and mopping.

The cleaning professionals at the end of lease cleaning services are reliable, punctual, skilled and qualified for the job. They know the techniques and methods to ensure comprehensive cleaning. The service also includes cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery and other things. The cleaners are dedicated to their work and do not make any delay in their work. You can simply concentrate on the packing of things and ensure perfect removal of stains. You can also make a check on the work whether it is properly done or not? Most cleaning services return back their money to the dissatisfied customers.

Why contact an End of Lease Cleaning Service?

There is a difference between the professional room cleaning and cleaning done normally on homes. The serviceman ensures faster cleaning with help of modern cleaning tools. The price of cleaning is not huge and it is possible to clean your entire rental property at an affordable rate. Hire a professional service company without worrying about the finance. The services are extremely helpful in different ways. It reduces the workload of the tenant considerably and the renter can claim quick refunds.

Sometimes individuals tend to move out of the plan of the end of lease cleaning. But it is important that people recognize the immense efforts that are undertaken to remove dirt from every space. Therefore the professional cleaning differs in many ways than the regular cleaning process. The cleaning team has professionally trained to manage cleaning affairs in a faultless and timely manner. Melbourne has a long list of cleaning service providers who can ensure instant cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning ? Important Features of the Cleaning Service

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