Enjoy The Timeless Beauty of Shimla with These 5 Popular Hotels

 Praveen Kumar
  May 23, 2018

Captivating views of snow-covered Himalayan peaks and lush-greenery landscape are the identities of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. With a fabulous weather and amazing mountain tracts, Shimla is one of the most-popular hill stations in India, and it becomes a hot spot for tourists during the months of summer.

Absolutely adored by the English lords, Shimla used to be the ‘summer capital’ during the span of British rule in the country. With the Victorian-era architecture, best-in-class hotels, crowded bazaars, and cultural hotspots, Shimla should your first choice to visit this summer. After all, what else could be possibly better than a cool, pleasant atmosphere in the lush environment of Shimla?

So, to begin with, if you’re looking forward to making your next trip to Shimla pretty soon then it’s quite important that you make a list of the basic things like choosing a hotel. Being a tourist place, Shimla is full of hotels, but like they say, there are good ones and there are the bad ones, too. In that case, how do you decide which ones are the best for you? We can help you out.

We’ve listed down the best hotels in Shimla to plan your holidays, here’s the list:

There are plenty of options available for accommodation, but these are the best ones!

Clarkes Hotel - Build memories with the colonial era!

Situated in the middle of the bustling Mall Road, Clarkes is considered as a grand heritage hotel in Shimla. It’s one of those hotels in Shimla where you can experience the Victorian age architecture from the colonial times. With best-in-class services and amenities, Clarkes offers elegance and modern convenience at the doorstep. The fine dining experience, spectacular views, and British-inspired architecture give Clarkes an elegant and exclusive touch.

Clarkes hotel and its rich heritage will take you to the next level of comfort, luxury, and convenience. Several travel portals, travel companies, and tourism websites offer advanced booking for hotels.

Snow Valley Resorts – Tranquil Treasure at Hills!

Offering a serene retreat for travelers, Snow Valley Resorts is situated amidst the hills away from the buzzing town. It is one of the most exclusive hotel in Shimla that boasts a posh, high-end interior along with the world-class amenities. This resort caters to the customers’ needs in a delightful manner. The other attractions of this resort include terrace restaurants, delicious food, play area, recreation, and spacious rooms. It is the ideal option to have comfort and luxury along with the scenic beauty of green hills. It is one of the popular, exclusive, and contemporary resorts offering best-in-class facilities.

Woodsmoke Resort and Spa – Luxurious Boutique Hotel in Shimla

If you’re seeking the best hotels in Shimla without compromising comfort and convenience, you’ve arrived at the right place. Situated at 6200 ft. and 13 km from Shimla, Woodsmoke Resort is your all-season holiday destination located at Shogi. Reenergize yourself through relaxing and rejuvenating massage available at Woodsmoke. It also offers activities such as table tennis, pool, and cycling among other indoor activities. A wooden décor, cozy rooms, and budget-friendly offerings of scenic views can attract any travelers to book the entire stay.

Bridge View Regency – Located at the Heart of the Queen of Hill Station

Enjoy the perks of prime location! The Bridge View Regency is located at Mall Road which is close to several showrooms, restaurants, and offices. This hotel is considered as one of the leading hotel in Shimla accessible through all other locations. Many famous tourist attractions such as Christ Church, Gaiety Theatre, and Lakkar Bazaar are within a walking distance from this hotel. It is a well-recommended hotel for travelers in a group or solo travelers as it offers excellent service and amenities. It is well-equipped with present-day facilities and offers a picturesque beauty that can revitalize the stayers.

Kufri, The White Ridge -Spectacular Views of Himalayan Range

Make the best out of Himalayan Range when you stay at Kufri! The lush green mountainous landscapes and welcoming modern amenities can be a breathtaking and relaxing experience for you. Aiming to make your holidays a wonderful experience, Kufri by Sterling Holiday Resorts will take your experience to the new heights in the famous hill station of India, Shimla. It offers splendid facilities such as multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, bar, spa, and many more. Presenting aesthetic designs and slopping green roofs make it one of the most distinct hotel in Shimla.

Known for its awe-inspiring views and experience, Shimla is the most-popular, tourists’ favorite, and beautiful destination in India for you to enjoy your holidays.

So these were the top places in Shimla where you can lose yourself amidst luxury and nature’s retreat!

What are you waiting for? Escape the ordinary and choose the extraordinary! Plan your holidays and find best hotels in Shimla to explore the scenic views of Himachal Pradesh.

Enjoy The Timeless Beauty of Shimla with These 5 Popular Hotels

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