Escapology Egypt- Your Ticket to Explore the Wonders of the World

 Gaurav Goutam
  Feb 25, 2018

Touring Egypt, the globe’s most beautiful country, is definitely an experience of a lifetime. It is a contemporary country in Africa that is popular on the world map for its regal beauty as well as warm hospitality of the locals. Do you wish to play some interactive physical games with a sense of adventure? You can make your holidays or any occasion that you want to celebrate with real fun as memorable as you want. You don’t need to suffer long travels for such adventures, just log on to Escape Room Egypt. Each grain of sand of the dessert here tells a story of the rich culture and history of the country.

For your perfect escapology Egypt tour, it is important that you are well acquainted with all the important spots of the country so you don’t miss out on anything that this spectacular place has in store. The below list highlights some of the most awe-inspiring stops in the city that are sure to woo your heart:

Cairo: Cairo Tower is another striking tourist spot in the city which is situated on an island in the River Nile. This famous landmark of the city is as tall as the Pyramid of Giza, and when it is lit up at night it is a sight worth viewing. A place that is brimming with surprises and full of splendid monuments, Cairo offers the best experience to holiday makers.

This capital city of Egypt is one among the top tourist destinations of the world owing to its breathtaking beauty and enigmatic charm. It is interesting to note that the word ‘Cairo’ translates to ‘Al Qahira’ in Arabic, which means ‘The Triumphant’.

Being regarded as the most ancient city, Cairo is home to numerous mosques, churches and natural wonders that go far in giving an unforgettable experience to tourists. It is here where you can find the great ‘Pyramids of Giza’, which are one among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Alexandria: Alexandria is a much sought after tourist destination of the country. It was founded by one of the great conquerors of the history and is popular among the globe trotters for its unmatched exquisiteness. There are many spots to visit here which have played a role in making it a hot favourite city of Egypt among the tourists, some of which include Quaitbay Fort, harbour, Pompey’s Pillar, beaches and the highly celebrated Lighthouse. Tourists can even opt to include Escape Room, Alexandria services to their package. Alexandria is a striking tourist destination which should not be missed while traveling to the breathtaking city of Cairo. It offers a great way to rejuvenate yourself while eliminating all the stress from the body. It is a treat for the eyes and people belonging to diverse age groups relish their time spent here.

Egypt Room Alexandria offers some great packages to visit this city while covering all the crucial places so you get the most worthwhile experience while being here!

If you want to travel to this striking country, but at the same time want to relieve yourself from all the hassles and worries that come with planning an excursion, then Escape Room Egypt is here to help you! Escape Room Egypt makes traveling to this incredible country a lot easier for you by providing all the necessary information at your fingertips. It presents a huge array of packages for Egypt travel which can be chosen as per your budget and holiday plans. With so many options available at your disposal to explore this beautiful country, you are sure to find something that would suit your particular requisite. There are multiple packages for families, friends and solo travellers falling in various budget limitations without compromising on the quality of travel. If you are ready to take challenges and want to fill your vacations with great memories then don’t wait just book your escape room.

Escapology Egypt- Your Ticket to Explore the Wonders of the World

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