Liz Buckley
  Oct 23, 2018

A car isn’t just a means of getting you from point A to B, it’s a showcase of your social status. Given this, you will want to keep your car looking its best. One way that you can do this is to keep it clean inside and out, which can prove more difficult than you might imagine. So, here’s a brief list of some essentials for keeping your car clean, prepared by our friends from bestvacuumexpert.

Remove sand and dust

One of the main tasks in keeping your car clean is removing all the sand, the dust and unwanted debris from your car. The quickest way is by vacuuming your car, and it is also probably the most effective, as a vacuum cleaner will allow you to get into all of the corners in your vehicle to pick up the dust.

The best vacuum for cars that money can buy is the Rigid Mobile Detailer. It is the perfect car detailing vacuum for your car because of its compact size, professional features and performance: its 5.0 peak hp motor provides better performance compared to larger size vacuums, and it’s easy to store and transport. These features are particularly important for a vacuum that you will use in your car, as they mean it will be more maneuverable as you clean, and that you can even keep it in the trunk of your car if you wish. You could do much worse than this model if you want to keep your car clean.

Use a lint roller

Although a car detailing vacuum removes most of the dirt, there may still be stubborn specks of dust that stick to your interior. To make life a little easy, use a Scotch Brite Lint Roller. Though it is only a simple piece of kit, its ability to pick up and remove crumbs from your vehicle’s upholstery is incredible. The product is cheap, effective, and it makes sure your interiors remain spick and span, without those stubborn specks of dust. What is more, lint rollers are really cheap: for only a few dollars, your car will be spotless. Buying a lint roller is really a no-brainer for any car owner.

Clean spills

No matter how clean you keep your car, there will occasionally be an accident. For example, someone may spill a can of Coke in your car. What do you do? How do you clean all the mess up? The answer to your questions is simple. Use an ordinary upholstery cleaner and a dry cloth, and this should sort the stain out in no time. You could also keep some kitchen towels in your car to clean up any spillages. And ask your passengers to be more careful!

Clean windows

Windows get dirty pretty easily, and this can ruin the ‘fresh out of the showroom’ look of your car. Sprayaway Glass Cleaner is exactly what you need for such situations. It is ammonia free and leaves windows streak free. It builds up a heavy foam easily, so you don’t need to use a lot of the product, and it will leave your windows looking clear and shiny. Another useful addition to your car cleaning kit will be a chamois leather. This soft leather cloth will allow you to get all of the excess moisture from your windows when you clean them, thus meaning they take on a lustrous shine.

Keep interiors safe from the sun’s rays.

It is imperative that you keep your leather, plastic and rubber surfaces clean and conditioned so they do no age too quickly. It is often due to sun exposure that these materials age, so try products like 303 Aerospace Protectant, which helps in keeping your interior safe from the harmful rays of the sun, ensuring they look new for longer. Though a vintage car may look more authentic and cool with seats that have a rugged patina, that is probably not the look you are going for if your car is fresh from the showroom!

You want your car to look good and, though it may take some effort, it is worth it. With these simple car cleaning hacks, your car will look showroom fresh as you cruise around the town.


Liz Buckley

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