Everything You Need to Know About ATAR Calculator

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 24, 2019

A sole purpose of ATAR is to have admission in reputed University. It tells us only the ranking for the respective academic year of the students and nothing else. Whereas do not get into the wrong perception that ATAR of 60 means 60%, it is wrong in fact it means a student is in the 60th percentile (40% of the top).

Meaning of ATAR Calculator

Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is known as ATAR. After children pass high school it is super stressful for parents and children for the selection process and scores that matter at the university. In that case, ATAR is useful; it helps the institute to rank the students according to their academic scores. It came into existence during 2009 and 2010 in order to replace the old system. Primarily it is used for undergraduate-entry for universities in Australia. The range in order to give rank is from 99.95 to 0. Secondly, it is done by University Academic Centre. It helps the universities to classify the students for the courses according to their respective rank or score.

In short, the score or rank shows how much one is eligible for a specific course at a particular university. But if in case you do not match the required score for your desired course then you can study the same course from a private university.

The process of calculation on ATAR.

It features many steps and seems to be a bit of complex. It can result in unexpected or uncertain consequences if you have incomplete or lack of knowledge regarding ATAR calculator and it is processed. Have a rigorous knowledge from an expert and also get it approved by them if you work on ATAR calculator.

On the base of Examination mark, Assessment mark, HSC mark, and Performance band a student is accredited.

School ranking

School rank has the highest impact on ATAR. No matter if a student scores highest in a particular subject but what matters is the rank he/she secured at school. School rank speaks more than the numerical result and that’s why it is important to score the best rank in school.

HSC grades

HSC grades will show the average of marks examination and assessment. There is a certificate provided after graduating high school which results in a student’s achievement. Secondly, according to the grades, bands are allotted.


Comparison of subjects is being made according to the level of the respective subject. Rank is given by how many students study and an average of their marks. As per the HSC, scaled marks are decided by scaling factors.


The process of calculating ATAR includes the sum of scaled marks. The result of 10 best units is summed up to provide you score from 500. It is provided in percentage form which is being formed by conversion of marks into a percentage. An aggregate score of a student is accepted at some area and it can be derived by the following formula:

= S1 + S2 + (10%+S3)

S1 is denoted for a score of English whereas S2 & S3 is for subjects excluding English subject and including of 2 different subjects. Every year a new table is published to know the score’s rank on ATAR.

Now, how 10 best units are made of? Well, it consists of a score of the English subject, best next three subjects and 10% of 5th and 6th scaled study.




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Everything You Need to Know About ATAR Calculator

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