Everything You Need to Know About Ohm Vaping

 Mian Azhar
  Jun 20, 2018

Think about this: you hold a thin white tube in your hands, put it in your mouth and inhaled. That’s what you do with an e-cigarette. We know it’s not really smoking a traditional cigarette, but it’s still something different and better. After you inhaled, you exhaled a thin stream of vapor.

Now think about how it all turned up – it’s all different. The thin white tube is not just a thin white tube anymore, they come in different shapes and colors, and we’re not talking about just a stream of vapor anymore, as sometimes you cannot even see your computer anymore because of the smoke.

In this article, we’re going to talk about sub-Ohming vaping, particularly about atomizers which have a resistance of less than 1 Ohm. An Ohm is a unit used to measure electrical resistance. It was named after Georg Simon Ohm.

When talking about Ohm vaping, we talk about one thing: huge clouds.

At the moment you push electricity through a conductor (in this case, a coil), the electricity meets resistance, and the resistance is measured in Ohms (you might recognize its symbol though - Ω).

The producers of this device did bigger plumes of vapor, hence the bigger tastes of flavor that comes with each puff. It all started when vapers started to make lower resistance coils until the point they got below 1 Ohm of resistance – now you know where the name came from. Ever since makers have started to look for new ways to get lower resistance coil builds.

This was not possible some years ago, because of the fact that the safe sub ohm batteries (such as Innokin TV100, which are the best) were not available. There was, however, a way to do this, and that was by building your own coils and then using them with a mechanical mod.

Of course, we cannot deny the popularity of the mechanical mods nowadays, but batteries and chip technology have reached a new, even greater deal. It is the evolution of hardware that has made sub ohm vaping possible and available for the people.

Why should I get sub-Ohm?

We did mention before the huge clouds. Well, isn’t this a very good reason?

The flavor is kind of less intense because you’re not really taking in as much vapor after each puff as you’d do with a sub ohm tank. But after you’ve tried an atomizer that has a low-resistance coil, which uses organic cotton wicking, it’s probable that you won’t be back for the old-school clearomizers.

The vapor is warmer, and it’s all because of the higher wattage. The wide airflow will cool it down, so your lips will not be burned. With these gadgets, comes the fact that you’ll be more satisfied with the nicotine.

It was known that if you wanted to Sub Ohm, you'd need to buy a mechanical tube or a box mod that can work with rechargeable 18650 batteries, a Kanthal wire, an external charger and organic cotton for wicking. Right now is simpler.

About the sub ohm tanks

The sub ohm tanks use pre-made coil heads, which are also disposable. It’s actually advisable to do this especially if you’re new to this, but you don’t want to start building. It’s now straightforward to get it, thanks to tanks from the Atlantis by Aspire and the Kanger Subtank. They bring the RDA/RTA experience close to you. Let’s not forget about the nowadays tanks, Fireluke Mesh or the Horizon Falcon. If you’re not sure which one fits you best, don’t forget to check the best guide to sub ohm vaping.

Is sub ohm vaping safe?

It actually depends on the user. Do your homework before getting into this. You should first read the instructions with much attention, then be careful at the battery safety. And never be afraid to ask questions. And never use a hybrid mechanical mod that has a non-hybrid safe tank – this is really dangerous. The tank should have a protruding 510 pin. Never, under any circumstance, risk it if you’re not sure. To enjoy it safely, you should use a regulated box mod.

Everything You Need to Know About Ohm Vaping

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