Everything You Should Know About Key Maker Services

 Zac Ferry
  Feb 18, 2018

When you have locked yourself out of your property or have misplaced your keys then the first person you will think about is a locksmith or a key maker. Key makers' services are also required when you move to a new house or office and want to change the existing key. There are many companies who offer key related services but to get the quality services people should make their choice of key maker very cautiously. One can expect the following services from a reputed key making service provider:

  • Repairing windows as well as door locks
  • Cutting keys as per requirements
  • Installing electronic access system
  • Supplying, opening, installing and repairing security safes
  • All types of lock related services for the cars

Different Types of Key Making Services

Apart from being the saviour during the emergency situations like getting locked out of room, car, safe etc, a locksmith contributes hugely to maintaining the safety and security of the house. This is a kind of niche profession and the key makers are highly skilled and have a great ability to solve lock problems. Key makers have the potential to install, repair and replace all types of normal as well as electronic locks. Depending upon nature, these services can be segregated into 5 major types which are discussed below.

Residential Key Maker Services

These types of services have the highest demand for other key maker services. A residential locksmith rescues the homeowners from the locked situations. These types of key makers are mostly called when the homeowners lose their key. Their services are required in flats, condos, apartments, bungalows etc. Their services are also required during construction of new houses. They will be able to install locks on the doors, windows, cupboards, shelves etc. Nowadays, with the increased popularity of technology, people are also using their services for installing electronic locking system in their houses.

Commercial Key Maker Services

As a key maker, the toughest job is to provide commercial key making services. These people need to have a high level of professional expertise in this field and they should be ready to render services round the clock. A certified commercial key maker should have in-depth knowledge of the electronic alarm and CCTV surveillance installations. The swiping entry gates are also installed by these key makers. In financial institutions, banks, insurance companies etc, they also provide installation services of electronic safes. This stream of key making is highly rewarding.

Automobile Key Makers

Fixing the faulty car keys also needs skill and knowledge. As a matter of fact, making a new car key to replace it with the broken one is also very complicated. The key makers who handle such issues are known as automobile key makers. These people should have the knowledge to work on some specific tools so as to open the locked doors of the cars.

Emergency Key Making Services

These types of service providers have the expertise to offer key making services for all types of issues and that too round the clock throughout the year. These service providers or key makers are well equipped with the knowledge of using modern tools and techniques like lock bumping. They have the skills and knowledge to install, repair and replace all types of doors or locks.

Rekeying Service Providers

Rekeying is not about changing the lock rather it is all about changing the internal configuration of the locks. These service providers help people to reuse the same lock but with a new key. These key makers need to have special knowledge and loads of practical experiences. These types of key makers can upgrade themselves to become master re-key makers.

Synopsis of The Services

  • Car door unlocking
  • Master key making
  • Installing, replacing and repairing household lock, Home lockout services
  • Rekeying services
  • Auto smart key repairing and making duplicate keys
  • Installing deadbolts

As already said, selection of the locksmith should be done after some thorough research. There are numerous key maker service providers available in the market, but people should definitely cross verify their credentials, track record, check their accreditation and last but not the least check if the company they are choosing, has the potential to offer the above-mentioned services.

Everything You Should Know About Key Maker Services

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