Ewebguru launches cloud hosting services

 Deep Chauhan
  Jun 03, 2018

While discounts always bring a smile on our face, not every discount must be grabbed right at the outset. That said, discounts from reputed providers that embark to offer the best in the industry are always worth an instant grab.


Ewebguru, today has put its amazing VPS hosting plans up on offer. With the best features and a promise of superfast speeds, Ewebguru is all set to storm the web development space with this limited period offer. Utmost data security and complete administration are guaranteed with the Ewebguru hosting plans.

“We are elated to offer plans that will offer rocket pace and performance to website owners and keep their endeavor safe too”, says <name>, <designation>.

With an option to choose from Linux VPS, SSD Linux VPS, and Windows VPS, Ewebguru plans to make virtual private hosting a go-to option for beginner businesses as well. It is going to be a good deal for those still starting and worried about the demerits of shared hosting

While the web is full of cheap VPS hosting options, EWEBGURU aims to disrupt the market and address other common issues such as poor customer service, frequent downtimes and lack of tech support.

With a customer-centered approach at the core, EWEBGURU offers a wide range of cheap VPS hosting plans with various configuration details to suit different businesses and website volumes.

Each plan from EWEBGURU comes with the capability to host unlimited domains and subdomain with incorporated MYSQL. There aren’t any limits on email addresses and FTP too. If one has to look at USPs that EWEBGURU offers over other haystack providers on the web, they include 99.9% uptime guarantee along with a private nameserver. Instant activation and 24*7 premium customer support are also frill-free attributes that are quite helpful.

The core team at EWEBGURU takes pride in their ability to keep promises and the number of successful customers they have hosted till date. We aim to address the misconception that “good and efficient plans are expensive”, says <name>, <designation>.

A range of comprehensive plans that are up on offer will relieve you of all your hosting and data security worries. Let us wait for more amazing news from EWEBGURU and get ready to host our websites in a way that we always thought was expensive. We hope that this new discount unleashes a whole lot of possibilities and each business benefits from its unique offerings.

Ewebguru also launches cloud hosting services

In its endeavor to notch up the security and scalability in web hosting, Ewebguru has taken up with the technology wave of cloud hosting services. With a promise to emulate the amazing benefits and blazing speeds of cloud hosting, it has today announced its plans to offer cloud hosting services.

Twice the speed and 4 times the scalability is promised by cloud hosting services and Ewebguru plans to take the user experience several levels higher with its range of personalized services

“We are ecstatic to lay foot in the technology space and step up our offerings with the better than ever performance plans for awesome web hosting experience”, says <name>, <designation>.

Opting for a cloud hosting plan from Ewebguru is just like turbocharging your website with the benefits of cloud hosting service that offers twice the speeds.

Ewebguru with its premium hardware, servers with low density and multiple layers for caching will multiply loading times of the website two times. The performance is considerably improved with Pre-integrated Nginx(US)/Varnish(IN) Caching.

Your business is bound to go up with time and so will increase the traffic, in such cases you can quickly scale up the sales without any interruption.

You need not worry about your website as your company grows for cloud hosting by Ewebguru offers immense scalability. Your website grows with you at just a click. Applications that require resources intensively can also run flawlessly and without any additional efforts on cloud hosting by Ewebguru.

And what else, the offerings promised by Ewebguru include live access for your website performance without any hassles. You get hands-on access to amazing dashboard tools that unleash a lot of possibilities. Usage trends, the speed of web pages, constant uptime, easy outreach across the globe and a lot more will be available just at a click.

If you compare the Ewebguru services with other competitors in the market, Ewebguru scales better in terms of optimal management of resources.

The ultrafast cloud hosting options combine the benefits of the cloud with the ease and lack of hassles from shared hosting. Integrated caching capability along with automated failover and unstaggered stability, Ewebguru hopes to emerge as the market leader in cloud hosting space.

The core team at EWEBGURU prides itself in its superior infrastructure that suffices to offer the best experience at a convenient price tag. “Our sole aim is to not let bad hosting come in way of a good idea,” says <name> <designation>.

It is indeed an exciting news that Ewebguru is trying new avenues, let us keep our fingers crossed and witness any shift that comes through in the space.

Ewebguru launches cloud hosting services

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