Excessive Home Improvement Ideas on Hot Water System

 Evan Javier
  Nov 09, 2017

After a long day a hot shower can relieve stress and body aches. Hot water in the bathroom and kitchen can be important but waiting for it can be annoying. To speed up the delivery of hot water in the home and at the same time to save gallons of water, you need to follow some home improvement ideas and tips. There are some ways you can follow to get an efficient hot water system that also helps you save money on water bills. But first you need to know the different types of systems available in the market.

Guide on the Type of Water Heating System

Electric, Heat Pump, Gas or Solar

Electric hot water system is cheap and easy to install but expensive to run because it consumes a lot of electricity. The unit requires a large water tank to heat the water overnight so that it can be used next day.

Heat pump is similar to the refrigerator and has a condenser that takes the heat from the air to heat the water in the tank. The unit can house the tank and the condenser together or separately. The condenser is noisy and requires ventilation and, so it must be kept outside.

Natural gas hot water system is one good option to heat the water as it is cheaper than the electric one. This unit also requires ventilation so kept outside but some of the models can be placed inside as well.

Solar panels are required for the solar water system to heat the water in the storage water tank. The tank is required to be large to heat enough water for days when sunlight is low. There could be a need for electric or gas booster to heat water when you experience less sunlight.

Storage tank or continuous flow Tanks are a must for heat pump, solar, electric or gas hot water system. Stainless steel tanks are expensive but best choice as they are durable and anti-corrosion.

Continuous or instantaneous flow hot water system heats as much water as you need. It takes few seconds to heat the water before it is turned on.

The plumbers should be insured and if possible bonded. This can protect the homeowners and the workers if some mishaps occur during the job.

Hot Water

Ideas on improved Heat Water System in Your House

Hot Water Demand System

The hot water demand system is the solution to problem of delay in getting hot water. In this system you need to place a pump away from the water heater, mounted in the kitchen or the bathroom under the sink. This allows the water to come at high speed to the fixture when the switch is turned on from the heater without passing through the drain. Once the hot water has reached the fixture the pump shuts down and you get hot water instantly as you turn on the tap. The left over cooled water from the last use in the pipe is returned back to the heater through the cold pipeline. The hot water demand system can reduce carbon footprint too. Tankless water heaters can work well with such demand system. As such heaters use cold water to make hot water so, they take long to complete the process. This type of system is ideal for tankless heaters.

Green Plumbing System

Another option to look for is the green plumbing system. The system includes layouts for green plumbing, energy efficient water heaters, low flow and water saving fixtures, tankless water heater, and hot water delivery system. Water heaters like solar heaters are green water heaters because they save energy and do not produce any greenhouse gas like the gas heaters do. Tankless water heaters are also good option under this category. They are more efficient as they use less energy and you get hot water all the time. Hot water demand system that includes valves and pumps are also green plumbing products.

Excessive Home Improvement Ideas on Hot Water System

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