Expanding Your Business Internationally with VPN by Tom Senkus

 Tom Senkus
  Jul 04, 2018

Have you considered expanding your organization globally? The truth is that establishing a physical presence in a new country can come with significant challenges and obstacles. These include dealing with each country’s specific relations with foreign businesses, the amount of capital necessary to be invested in the country (via foreign bank accounts), hiring new staff and local representatives, leasing a suitable space to conduct your business, and many other concerns — all before earning a single dollar and adding substantial risk for your efforts.

Is there another way? With the advent of cloud computing and its contributions to telecommunications, you can use virtual phone numbers, which allow you to circumvent these obstacles and instantly expand your business presence. In this article, we’ll look at what virtual phone numbers are and how they can be used to penetrate international markets in the most cost-effective manner possible.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are telephone numbers that, when dialed, immediately route a call to another phone number (known as the “destination phone number”). Using cloud computing, especially VoIP, these calls are indistinguishable from “normal” phone numbers in both functionality and look (matching the area and region, and country codes).

Virtual phone numbers for business are best illustrated with an example:

Suppose you purchase a Dubai virtual phone number and advertise it in the United Arab Emirates. When a local caller dials the number, it is immediately transferred to a call center you have in the United States. You can then process the call as you would any other domestic call. This means that simply by subscribing to a virtual phone number, you can gain access to the country’s potential customers and clients.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Accessibility: By using virtual phone numbers, you immediately make your business accessible to a broader range of customers in new countries. The truth is that many individuals don’t have the ability or the preference to call outside of their country. This may be due to service provider restrictions or the reluctance to accept long-distance fees for the privilege of doing business with your organization. With virtual phone numbers, callers can reach your business without incurring a charge and not face any interruptions from their service provider.

Localization: In order to do business in international markets, you have to match how each particular country functions. This is important in the localization process. With virtual phone numbers matching the look and usage of local numbers, your business instantly gains trust and authenticity in the marketplace. Customers will appreciate how your number matches their own local numbers, and will not second guess your location. With a website and components of a virtual office, your company can blend in seamlessly and do business like any other business that is physically located in the country.

Added Functionality: Virtual phone numbers are available in a variety of types. Depending on which service provider you choose, like Global Call Forwarding, you may have the ability to subscribe to plans that include toll free numbers (known as “ITFS numbers” or International Toll-Free Service numbers), vanity numbers, local access numbers, virtual SMS numbers, and many other options.

Every Business Can Use Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers can be coupled with a number of add-ons that can exponentiate the functionality of virtual phone numbers. For instance, by using a virtual phone with “outbound calling,” you can contact customers in countries with your virtual phone number appearing on the caller ID (a long string of digits can be off-putting or mistaken for scam callers). With “call recording,” you can record and store inbound and outbound calls, which can help you ensure that your staff is providing the best customer service and adhering to company protocol, while also serving as an internationally-recognized way to comply with international regulatory committees (especially in the banking and finance sectors).

For entrepreneurs that travel for business frequently, “call forwarding” can ensure that calls are routed directly to your phone or other staff to ensure that those that you network with can maintain contact. Additional features such as time of day routing, sequential forwarding, and failover forwarding can also ensure that your calls are always answered.

Expanding Your Business Internationally with VPN by Tom Senkus

Tom Senkus

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