Factors That Affect The Sale Price Of An RV

 Lind Wilson
  Nov 30, 2017

Planning your retirement from a life on the road? Well, you better get to it then because fall and winter are the perfect seasons to sell your RV online. Not only will the camping season come to a close by then, but you will also get the opportunity to save on RV winterizing costs. The big question is, how much will you charge for your vehicle? Too much and your potential customers will hesitate to move forward with the deal; too little and you end up losing money. The trick is to find the sweet spot! Selling your motor home is a lot like selling other vehicles, but with the additional considerations of RV-specific features and systems. Take the following few things into account when trying to set the asking price for your used rig:

Primary Factors Affecting RV Sale Price

The value of a recreational vehicle depends on four major factors:

• Nature of the Vehicle
• Overall Condition
• Mileage
• RV Accessories

When you consider them all together, you get a fair idea about the amount you should charge your potential buyers.

1. Nature of the Vehicle

The type of an RV up for sale plays a critical role in determining its resale value. If you are passionate about RVs, you already know that a recreational vehicle is not limited to a single make or model. There are numerous varieties available including fifth wheel, diesel pusher, and travel trailer. And each of them carries its own price tag. For example, a used diesel pusher is going to command a higher price than a used fifth wheel. So, the first thing to remember when setting a price for your used RV is its ‘class.’

2. Overall Condition

RVs, even the used models, do not come for cheap. And when customers drop THAT much dough on a mobile vehicle, they expect nothing less than perfection. So, expect them to inspect every inch of your vehicle, looking for signs of water damage, paint chips, dents, discoloration, or other structural imperfections. Remember, the value of your RV takes a hit with each dent and ding your buyers find. That’s why you need to fix or replace any superficial damage.

Water damage also affects the resale value of your motor home. If your RV features indoor plumbing for showers, kitchen sinks, or toilets, there is bound to be a water tank onboard. And these tanks are prone to leaks, especially in older vehicle models. So, before you call the customer over for an on-site inspection, check for common indicators of water damage such as rotted wood, rust, mold, and mildew. Take care of the problem quickly.

3. Mileage

The performance of your motorized rig may have deteriorated over time but the mileage should not fall below the average for a vehicle of its age. The miles on your RV odometer are inversely proportional to the sale price of the vehicle – the higher the former, the lower the latter. That’s because the more miles you rack up, the greater the wear and tear on your vehicle. And RV-savvy customers will definitely want to check a high-mileage RV before purchasing the vehicle. So, set your sale price accordingly.

4. RV Accessories

Be sure to consider any and all modifications made to the original RV unit. Perhaps you added satellite dishes to the vehicle or solar panels, a dishwasher or RV furnace – include the value of these modifications when determining the asking price of your rig. However, test the appliances to make sure they work properly. Otherwise, you might have to deduct the price from the quoted price.
Selling your RV online is easy once you’ve figured out how much you’re going to charge potential customers and what you plan on doing to capture their attention. Check both the interior and the exterior of your motor home and make sure everything’s in working condition to get a good deal on your vehicle.

Factors That Affect The Sale Price Of An RV

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