Father's Day - 7 ideas and examples for promotions and contests

 Ravi Ranjan
  May 30, 2018

Father's day is coming. Have you already thought how you will celebrate with your customers and followers? How about organizing a promotion on your social networks? With Easy promos you have a range of applications to choose from: make a questionnaire aimed at children to discover what the ideal gift for their father is, organize a contest of dedications to the father, or a more graphic to upload photos of parents and children. Here are some ideas for promotions and contests for Father's Day, which we complement with real examples of how other brands have applied these ideas successfully for their online campaigns.

IDEA 1. Father's Day Photo Contest

Why not organize a photo contest on your social networks and ask your followers to upload photos with their parents or their children? This type of contest offers many ideas and possibilities, for example: upload your father's picture when he was young, share your best moment with your father, the funniest picture of your father... The possibilities are many!

In addition, the platform offers a range of options to create the contest to suit you: you can open the participation to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, let them participate with a photo or a video, or embed the photo gallery on your blog or website at online cake delivery in Mumbai.

Example: Hofmann organized an emotional photo contest to encourage his followers to share their best images with their father. To visualize the contest, the voting system was enabled, allowing the photos that were published in the gallery of the contest could be voted. The prize: a photo album for the 25 most voted photos, which was complemented with the draw of 3 smartphones among the finalists.

IDEA 2. Contest of texts and dedications to parents

Do your fans like dedications? Sign up a literary touch and organize a text contest so that users can write dedications to their parents. Enable Twitter to offer users a way to participate quickly, think of a hashtag for your contest that draws attention and encourages your followers with the following challenges: describe your father in 140 characters, or tweet the most mythical phrase of your father.

To encourage participation, you can draw among the participants a gift or discount based on your product.

Example 1 : The entity that protects and promotes the product with designation of origin 'Tetilla cheese' organized a promotion taking advantage of the Father's Day campaign to publicize that product. The participants had to fill in the form and leave written a tip, phrase or expression typical of their father, fruit of natural wisdom, which is also a characteristic of their product at cake delivery in Pune with CakenGifts.in.

Example 2: Teka also took advantage of Father's Day to streamline its page with a text contest to let users brag about the advice they had received from their parents. For this, they had to share a mythical advice or phrase from their father and, if they preferred it, they could also participate with an image that represented a moment lived with their father. After participating, users had to get a minimum of 10 votes, in order to opt for the final prize consisting of a brand-name domestic appliance.

IDEA 3. Survey: Choose the gift for parents

What if this year the parents come forward and vote for their favorite gift for Father's Day? If you have different products that can go hand-in-hand, go to the parents and ask them to vote for their favorite gift. Take advantage of it to showcase your brand's products, and have the participants decide which one they like best.

How do I organize it? Use the survey application, which will allow you to present your products in an attractive way, and then know what products they like the most.

Example : The Timeout clothing store chain organized a promotion for Father's Day that was in fact "father's month". The action consisted of a survey where users had to choose which gift they wanted to give to their parents. As an incentive to participate, one of the items shown in the questionnaire was drawn.

IDEA 4. Test Questionnaire: How is your father?

Every year the same dilemma: What can I give to my father? Surely you would suggest a lot of products that you may like. Well tell it in a promotion! With Easy promos you can create a test quiz about what is your father like? To test the children and discover what can be a perfect gift for their father.

Example : The Nueva Condomina Shopping Center organized a fun test questionnaire where the participants had to answer a series of questions to find out what kind of father they had . By just answering the test and leaving their data in the form, they entered a final draw where there were several prizes to be distributed.

IDEA 5. Winning Moment

Do you dare to mount a Promotion Moment promotion on Father's Day, so that parents get gifts that day? This tool allows you to give gifts or discounts to participants in real time. They sign up for the promotion by filling out the form and instantly discover if they have been lucky and have won. If your product is aimed at men, this type of action is great for you. Spread your action on previous days and all parents will be on that day!

Example : This same idea was applied in the promotion organized by the Ynsadiet page, which dynamized its community of followers with a fun promotion Winning Moment , which kept its followers engaged throughout Father's Day. The Winning Moment format allowed them to instantly deliver small prizes, consisting of products from the brand itself.

IDEA 6. Discounts for Father's Day

Father's Day is one of those dates on the calendar that invites the purchase of male gifts. If your brand is aimed at men, this can be a good occasion to encourage your sales.

How? Make a direct promotion for followers of your Facebook page, and distribute discount codes for your purchases for Father's Day. The applications of coupons and promotional codes are ideal for your followers to become customers in your physical store.

In this way, you can take advantage of this date to encourage purchases and increase visits to your store or establishment.

IDEA 7. Raffle for Father's Day

Do you prefer to organize a simpler promotion? If you are not interested in getting contact information, but get engagement in your social networks and brand recall for this campaign, you can choose to create a raffle on your Facebook page. The mechanics of participation for the users is easy and fast since they should only comment on the post of the draw that you will have published. Think of a prize that is attractive, and if it can be, intended for the male audience, and you will have the winning combination. This guide will help you in the first steps. With Easy promos, you can import all the users who have commented on the publication and make a random draw from the same application.

Is your community on Instagram? Take advantage of the new comment raffle on Instagram and give your brand profile a boost!

Father's Day - 7 ideas and examples for promotions and contests

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