Fiber Laser VS CO2 Laser: Pick the Best to Mark and Etch

 Praveen Kumar
  Jun 25, 2018

Usage and Comparison of Fiber and CO2 Laser Marking Machine

It seems that the comparison of these two technologies results in favor of fiber. But a user must ask himself a question: will the quality satisfy his needs? The main difference between these two technologies is the length of waves – 10.6 nm for gas and 1064 nm for fiber machines. Do you wish to know how to choose a fiber laser vs co2 laser properly? Visit HeatSign to find the most relevant information from engraving experts and enthusiasts.

To cut a long story short, the smaller the wave you apply, the smaller is the ray spot on the surface of the material. Wavelength affects radiation absorption greatly. It means that these two technologies will not do well for the same materials.

Materials for Fiber and CO2 Laser Etching

A perfect way to etch plastic, wood, paper, and glass is a gas machine (CO2 laser machine). It generates longwave infrared radiation.

Radiation absorption does not play a big role for fiber lasers with a shorter wave concerning these materials. Metals absorb shortwave radiation much better. Note that the processing of metals is possible only with fiber technology.

Fiber Laser VS CO2 Laser: the Quality of engraving and Surface

The quality of the engraving is another aspect to be considered. During melting engraving with fiber lasers, the metal products surface will be laser melt engraving to form permanent marks, this marking result is precise but engrave much depth. CO2 Gas laser machines demonstrate the high quality of melting cutting of materials with high thickness. During gas flaming cutting, gas shows more qualitative results on non-metal parts surface.

Best Flow CO2 Laser Marking and Fiber Marking

The main aspects of comparison of these two technologies come to the following list:

  • Price –Some CO2 lasers seem to be more affordable than fiber laser ones. However, if consider work life, Consumables, fiber engravers win
  • Quality of marking – this is the most complicated aspect, as it depends on many situations. Firstly, on the material, Fiber Laser can good quality mark on metal parts like steel, aluminum, the CO2 laser is more good at work on non-metal parts such as wood, leather, plastic.
  • Maintenance – fiber machines win here as well. They are better in energy saving, do not require technical gas for work and minimum of spendable resources. Also, they work longer with a simpler and more powerful air cooling system.

For proper performance, fiber laser etchers do not require a high request optical system. CO2 engraving and marking systems require constant cleaning and adjustment of the optical system and more skills to operate them

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Gas engravers are considered to be an older technology. That is why they are more likely to be found on the market in any price category. Companies try to get rid of them faster. A user should consider the economic expediency of CO2 laser marking systems. Due to more frequent change of spendable materials and details, so the old CO2 laser with glass tube need high Maintenance cost. Their main advantage is their instant availability more economic, if someone needs a better CO2 laser, the CO2 laser with RF metal tube will be more compact and quality, long life, no need maintenance, but machine price is high.

At the same time, fiber laser etchers are more expensive in cost but cheaper in use. They return investments faster and cover a wider range of metal materials to work with, very long work time and no Consumables request will be a long-term working machine.

That is why before considering a choice for marking and engraving one should consider the main purposes:

  • How frequently will an engraver be used?
  • What materials will have engraving?
  • Is there a possibility to operate and maintain complicated machines?

Answer these simple questions and make a final decision. Both lasers have own fields of usage and have equal rights for existence. They complete and partially cover each other. That is why a complex approach is vital concerning the choice of lasers.

Fiber Laser VS CO2 Laser: Pick the Best to Mark and Etch

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