Five Lesser-Known Tips For An Exquisite Fishing Travel

  Jun 15, 2017

Back in 2011 fishers spent $ 22 billion in fishing travels and related expenses. That was more than double the box-office receipts!

Fishing travels have become increasingly popular over the years. Winter is a bad time for most anglers. Some travel to tropical destinations just to keep things afloat (pun intended).

The physical and psychological investment that goes into a fishing trip is huge. Understanding the nitty-gritty of the fishery travels is, therefore, crucial to every fisher. Below, we discuss some little-known facts to consider when planning your next trip.

Ingredients To A Fulfilling Fishing Travel

1. All Planes Fly; Not All Planes Fly Right!

If your travel plans include a flight, consider all your options.

Some airlines are simply atrocious in the way that they handle fishing gear. Make sure the carrier you choose is angler friendly. You should also consider an airline's luggage service.

You do not want to arrive at your destination only to realize your beloved rods and lures are a continent away. It is not like they cost $ 1 million but then, who likes inconveniences?

For your information, McDaddy Fishing Lures have a 12-inch lure made of diamonds, gold, and platinum. It goes for a cool $ 1 million!

2. Fishing Gear

Most components of fishing gear are usable anywhere. Some, on the other hand, are suited for specific waters. Take fishing pliers for example. When fishing salt waters, your everyday pliers will not cut it (forgive the pun).

Saltwater has bigger and more stubborn fish. Your fishing pliers must, therefore, have a larger than average nose if they are to handle saltwater fish. Here is a complete fishing pliers buying guide with reviews.

Knives will not be allowed on most planes. Be sure to contact the airline beforehand. Finally, if you carry a lot of metallic items with you, arrive an hour or two earlier. These extra hours give the airline staff ample time to verify each item.

Be very sensible when packing gear. You can leave out the smaller components like lures and just buy some at your destination.

NEVER leave the lure if it is the $ 1 million MacDaddy Fishing Lure. At that price, it deserves a seat next to you!

3. Carry-On Luggage Wisdom

Pack your carry-on with the most necessary equipment. I am thinking inhalers, medication, and credit cards. This way, if at all there is an issue with your luggage, you will still enjoy your trip.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) advises traveling with delicate tackle components in your carry-on. The idea looks solid on paper but, it may not be a very wise one.

Airport security personnel have the last say on what goes into a plane. Not many of them, apparently, are fishers. Convincing them to allow a 3-inch hook into the aircraft will not be very easy.

Fishing reels, on the other hand, are excellent additions to a carry-on. They will not give you trouble from the security and, you get to keep them from damage. Just be sure to pad the reel case with a fair amount of cloth.


4. People Skills

People skills can make or break your travel. Let us begin at the airport. Fishing tackle will, more likely than not, elicit a few questions. If you cannot keep your head when dealing with security personnel, you are off to a bad start.

Airport security reserves the right to ban anyone from a flight. Keep a level head when dealing with them. A furious response only raises red flags. Be calm and explain exactly why you need to carry the gear. It does not hurt to share a funny fishing tale while at it.

When in your fishing destination be friendly to your guides. They know all the best fishing zones. A generous tip can open unimaginable fishing possibilities for you.


5. Legality

Fishing laws differ from place to place.

Before you get into the water, learn about your fishing destination’s fishing regulations. A species that you freely fish back home may be protected in other regions.

Ignoring legalities may see you spend the better part of your trip in court. Guides usually know all about these things. Treat yours right, and you will have a fishing travel to remember. For more fishing tips, tackle buying guides, and general fishing information, just click here.

Five Lesser-Known Tips For An Exquisite Fishing Travel


Hi, everyone! My name’s Rebecca, and I just love to write and to fish! My friends call me “Becca.” I’m 22 years old, single, and am currently residing in New York working at an office. With some free time I always give in to my passions, and that’s why I started creating blogs and a website about fishing, it's two of my most favorite things!

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