Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Water Heater

 Etti William
  Sep 07, 2017

A water heater is an essential home appliance for a comfortable living when it’s all cold and freezing outside. Hot water ensures a smooth conduct of daily routine like washing, bathing, and cleaning, etc. Whether you are buying a water heater for your household for the first time or replacing a worn out heating unit, there are few points to keep in mind. There are some general mistakes that most of the buyers make while buying a new water heater. Avoiding these mistakes can help you buy the right product without spending a fortune.

Common mistakes to avoid while buying a water heater are:

1. Not checking the reviews of a water heater model – In a world that’s as connected as today, there are so many ways to check the reviews of a product. Buying the unit online or from a physical store, you can always rely on reviews that are available on shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. or the product website. While not all reviews at all of these sites will be genuine but you can always check out the star rating along with the number of reviews. The reviews with images can be trusted more. Also, reviewers with a genuine profile can be trusted more than the ones who choose to be anonymous. Checking reviews are not only necessary for confirming your choice of the product but is also important while exploring the different models or types of the water heater.

If you have not checked enough number of reviews of a water heater model, you might end up buying a troublesome model. Instead, why not buy a model that has been a hit with the buyers?

2. Not getting enough number of bids – Once you have explored and finalized whether you need a water heater with a tank or a tankless water heater, it is important to get at least three bids from different plumbers. Getting the bids allow you to evaluate viable options regarding both money and durability of the product. For example, if you have decided to buy a tankless water heater, ask at least three plumbers to give you a price bid that includes the label price of the tankless water heater along with operational costs for the first year. Since a water heater usually lasts about ten years, it is wise to buy a tankless water heater that is higher on label price but a lower operational cost.

If you do not get enough number of bids, you might end up spending more on a certain water heater model than you should have. This will only cause regrets later. So, why not make an informed decision?

3. Not checking on your municipality’s regulations - Most of the municipalities have certain regulations laid out for installation and usage of water heaters at home. These regulations must be followed, and a suitable choice has to be made for a water heater model. The building codes for water heaters, when known in advance, simplify the process of finding the best water heater for your household. You must only shortlist the heating units that meet your building codes requirement.

If you do not check the municipality regulations before buying the water heater, you will end up spending on making the water heater installation comply with the building codes. These expenses will only add up to your cost of buying a water heater.

4. Not evaluating your requirement diligently - Every household has its unique pattern of consuming hot water. Before buying a water heating unit, assess your peak hot water consumption. It is very important because the peak consumption is what your water heater should be able to provide for a comfortable living. Check the first-hour rating of the appliances to find out the correct heating unit for your household. Also, you need to identify if you will need a water heater with a tank or a tankless water heater. If your requirement is variable throughout the day, a tankless water heater is preferable.

Not being able to assess your hot water requirement correctly will lead to a shortage of hot water in your household. You may also end up buying an unnecessarily large tank as well. A correct assessment of hot water consumption helps in spending the right amount of money on the right product.

5. Not conducting a thorough check of pipelines- If you have just moved into a new space and are planning to buy a water heater, you must conduct a thorough check of pipelines to ensure that everything is in place. A water heater upon installation needs inlet and outlet pipes in good condition for a smooth usage. An unfit pipeline may cause leakage which can prove to be very dangerous if the hot water drops on someone causing burns. The pipeline’s age should also be checked so that if they are already too old, you can replace them while installing a new water heater.

If you do not conduct a thorough check of pipelines, there are high chances of accidental damages that may even be life threatening. Especially, the households with kids must take precautionary measures to ensure their kids’ safety when parents are away at work.

A conscious and planned approach to buy a from top brands of tankless water heater, will be a pleasant experience for any household. Above mistakes, although very common are the sure shot check boxes to avoid overspending or buying the unsuitable water heater for your household.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Water Heater

Etti William

Etti is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers. Being writing as her hobby, Etti has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up

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