Five Ways to get your Smartphone Prepared Before a Business Trip

 Viktorh H
  Mar 13, 2018

When a plane lands at any airport in the world, the first thing you see many people do is take out their phone, keen to check their messages and regain connectivity. Smartphones are an essential communication tool for modern businesspeople who would find themselves utterly lost without them.

If you travel on business, it’s not as straightforward as simply throwing your phone in your pocket before you leave. There are various things that are well worth thinking about in advance – to ensure your device is reliable throughout each trip and doesn’t incur you additional expenses.

Here are some suggested steps to take before you travel on business:

1.Check your roaming costs

In some parts of the world, expensive roaming charges for calls and data have been largely eliminated. For example, EU citizens now rarely pay extortionate fees for using their phones anywhere in Europe. However, elsewhere in the world, high fees still exist and can seriously sting if you’re unaware of them.

Before travelling, it’s wise to clarify exactly what you will pay to make calls and use Internet data on your tariff. In some cases, the charges will be so high that you’ll want to ensure you turn international data roaming off and wait until you can access some Wi-Fi. There are thousands of real-life horror stories of people who have had to pay truly eye-watering bills after failing to make these checks – so be careful not to join their ranks.

2.Ensure you have tracking activated

Apple’s “Find my iPhone” function and the Android “Find my Device” app give you a good chance of locating your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen while you’re travelling. Even if these apps fail to help you find your phone, at least they give you the satisfaction of knowing the thief has taken a device that will be of little use to them.

However, obviously these apps will only help you of you take time to set them up and ensure they’re always active - so check this before you travel.

3.Install a VPN app

Installing a VPN app on your phone provides you with a series of benefits whilst travelling. First off, it’ll protect you from the (very real) possibility of being hacked as and when you use public Wi-Fi. A VPN app will also allow you to hide your real-life location so you can still access things like local streaming TV and banking apps while you are away. VPN services don’t cost much and provide a lot of peace of mind for the money.

4.Consider some insurance

Modern smartphones are expensive, and seem to get more-so with every new model. It’s not unusual for a premium phone to cost upwards of $1000 nowadays, so losing one is an expensive mistake.

For this reason, it’s well worth taking out insurance to cover loss, damage and theft. Just be very careful when choosing a policy, making sure it’s valid abroad and that you’re not subject to a ridiculous excess.

5.Think about plug adaptors

Most smartphones charge with a USB cable these days and some even have wireless charging. However, a traditional charger with a mains plug is usually the most reliable and fastest way to charge. It’s also not particularly convenient to have to plug a charge lead into your laptop every time you want to give your phone some juice.

However, as you’re no doubt aware, different countries have all kinds of different plug connectors and voltages, making a universal plug adaptor an absolutely essential purchase for frequent business travellers.

The key with these adaptors is to actually remember to take them with you! There’s a reason why every airport shop has a huge stock of them, which is that they’re really easy to forget – so make sure your adaptor becomes as essential as your passport on your packing list.

Business travel is often tiring, and the last thing you want to do is compound that by spending time searching hurriedly for adaptors or trying to replace a lost phone at your own expense. By preparing right, you should be able to avoid these things happening.

Five Ways to get your Smartphone Prepared Before a Business Trip

Viktorh H

A technology enthusiast from an early age, Viktor has spent his career working in the cybersecurity industry. He is an expert in a host of related subjects including Data Security and Online Privacy. A born “tinkerer,” Viktor spends his spare time building and programming gadgets and servers.

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