Food Games for Kids: Enjoy Food with Fun

 Kevin Brown
  Jul 17, 2019

It is great to see food and fun together. Kids can enjoy both food and fun. Generally, kids are foodie, so arrange the foods which they like the most. We are letting you know some of the most entertaining for games for kids.


When your kids cry for a particular food, apply these food ideas. You can easily involve your children in these activities and your children can relish the food lavishly. In this post, we are going to introduce the tastiest food games for kids. Your kids will love it.

Food Activities for Kids

You will have amazing food activities for kids that will make your kids involved in these activities. Let us take a glimpse of food games for kids.

Matching the food items:

Your kids will get excited about this activity. This can be said a creative food game for kid. For this activity, have a paper and write down the list of food items. Kids can learn about new foods. Mix up all the cards so that your kids get a tough challenge. They have to match the cards according to the food item. Kids can easily get engrossed in this game by touching the food item. Kids have to match the food items to complete the task.

Identify the food:

This is a fantastic food game for kids. Put different types of food in line. Tell your kids to recognize the food by touching. Kids are supposed to name the food by smelling. You can also make your kids taste the food to identify the food. You can increase your child IQ level through this game.

Guess the sauce:

In this food game, your kids are blindfolded. It creates a lot of fun. Get some fruits and make sauce from them. To make this game even more complicated, mix them all. Your kids have to identify the sauce. This process will create a lot of laughter. The blindfolded person is supposed to taste the sauce and guess it. One who recognizes more sauce is announced the winner.

Eat the donuts:

This is an amazing food game for kids. Donuts are very delicious. Kid’s both hands are tied from the back. They are not supposed to eat donuts with the help of their hands. The donuts are tied on a string and hang on this string to a roof. The player who eats maximum donuts at the end of the game is the winner.

Cutting cookie:

Cutting cookie is an appropriate food game for kids. It is a game of making a shape on flour of kid’s choice. This is a fun game to play. Kids will love it. You can add vanilla juice and butter. Add some nuts and raisins too. Put flour on the kitchen and kids are supposed to cut the cookies in shapes according to their choice. Collect those shaped cookies and bake them for a few minutes and your dish is well-prepared. Parents should also help kids in the making process.

Adorn the cupcake:

Parents should assign such a task to increase their kid’s skills. It is a fun task for kids. Mix the dough then put the cupcakes in the oven for baking for a few minutes. Bring the cupcakes out of the oven and make sure that the cupcakes are baked well or not. Once the cake seems delicious, hand it to your kids to decorate the cupcakes with sprinkles, frosting, caramel, chocolate sauce. This you can develop a skill of decoration in your kids.

A Few Fun Food Games to Play

Food construction:

We have found many children making a building or other things using Lego blocks. Your kids can do the same thing with food also. Buy some vegetables and fruits. Cut them into different shapes and instruct your kids to build different types of buildings. Your kids need rods to support the building. While constructing, the pieces which fall down are supposed to be eaten by kids. Through this activity, your kids can learn creativity.

Paint on yogurt:

For this activity, there is a requirement of curd with a different flavor. You can take curd of different colors. Take some small bowls and put it on the large dining table. Serve each bowl with yogurt of different flavors and colors. Now, everything is ready. Give your kids a food brush or spoon to draw a painting on yogurt at their will. Kids can enjoy drawing along with yogurt flavors. This is an amazing food game for kids.

Ending up…

Many parents are still suffering from the choosy nature of their kids. Parents are sick of their kids daily prattling for food. The above- mentioned food games for kids to overcome their food habits.

Food Games for Kids: Enjoy Food with Fun

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