FREE Guide to a Vegan Diet for Dogs

 Hamza Shahzad
  Jan 01, 2018

The diet of people is based on their believes, cultures, environment and religion. Most of the time people are inclined to feed their pets same as them. Although dogs have been labeled as a carnivorous animal they have some omnivore qualities such as dogs can produce enzymes for starch digestion and can obtain their vitamin necessities from plants sources.

Is Vegan Diet Safe for a Dog?

As we discussed above that Dogs are actually omnivores. It is definitely safe for dogs to carry a vegan diet plan. Biologically, the intake of food in a body is to meet the requirements of amino acids an individual needs. Eggs are an excellent source of proteins. Plants also meet the requirements in a dogs body same as the meet. So, using plant-based sources of protein for dogs makes perfect sense.

A Best Vegetarian Dog Food includes different vegan foodstuffs. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Eggs
  • Rice

There also is available commercially prepared vegan food for dogs. But still, you have to be certain about the ingredients and make sure it includes all the amount of mineral, vitamins and amino acids which are necessary for your pet. Also, you have to make sure that the major component of the diet must consist of high-quality non-meat protein sources. Some examples of them are the food which includes beans, potatoes, and oats. The remaining part of the diet can be based on raw vegetables and cooked material.

Fruits are also a great choice for diet for dogs. But you have to be careful about fruits as it and cause some digestion problems among dogs.


Dogs and puppies health conditions are similar to humans. The overall health of dogs can be improved by eating a vegan diet. If the requirements of the dog's body are taken care of and the number of nutrients is correct, a vegan diet can also result in the reduction of allergies, skin issues and other prominent health diseases which dogs usually suffers. And as long the balance of nutrients are correct, the size, weight, and breed of the dogs will just be fine and healthy.


Some of the common misconceptions about the vegan diet for dogs are discussed below. The main reason for these misconceptions is lack of research and knowledge on the subject.

  • Dogs are carnivores and meet are necessary for their survival - According to scientific research, dogs are actually omnivores. They have all the major acids which an animal requires to be classified as an omnivore.
  • Dogs need meat protein to thrive - It is true that dogs need protein, but it is not restricted to only meat protein. If the source of protein is plants and vegetables, it is equally beneficial and good for the dog.
  • The dogs’ health doesn’t accept vegan diet - This is one of the biggest misconceptions. As long as the nutrients and the contents of supplements provided are monitored, it is completely safe and healthy for dogs to eat vegan food. Even if their diet is 100% based on plant-based foods, your dog can live a healthy and long life.

The veterinarian thinks it is unhealthy for a dog to eat only vegan food - This is also not true. Like human doctors have differences in their opinion about some health issues, it is the same with the veterinarians. Some might not agree with a dog being vegetarian.

How to Enforce a Vegan Diet for Your Dog

The best way to have a vegan dog is by starting as early as possible in your dog's life. You have to make sure that it includes all the nutrients and protein which are necessary. If the foods don’t have all the proteins you can buy it from dog food store. Also, it must be your habit to research and check what your dog needs, so you will know what to avoid.

If your dog is currently on a meat-based diet, you must start introducing the vegan diet slowly by mixing vegan food in the regular diet. Slowly in the course of some weeks by reducing the amount of meat based food until there is zero meat in the diet.

If the dog is resisting the zero meat food, you can try adding olive oil, nutritional yeast, baby food without meat and powders to entice them.

End Words

If you really have decided to make your dog a vegetarian. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure it is getting all the nutrients, proteins, as well as the supplements, required. All the information about nutrients and supplements can come from internet research or veterinarian. It is likely that you will notice a difference in health, temperament and energy level in a very good way as they get used of their new eating style.

FREE Guide to a Vegan Diet for Dogs

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