Fun and Simple Outdoor Activities for Today’s Kids

 Kevin Brown
  May 28, 2019

Teenagers and Technology! Two most complicated words to handle especially when you put them together. Whether to watch videos on YouTube, chatting with friends on Social Media, or playing video games, kids have evolved with the old traditional outdoor activities. It was a time when kids spent their most time playing outside the home. In those days, there were no outdoor activities for kids compared to these days.

Childhood is the best phase of our life. We all are willing to go back to childhood, where happiness was around us and the sorrow was no way near. We used to play the whole day without getting tired. Today, it is totally inverted. You will find kids playing inside the house as they are having loads of means of entertainments. They spend most of their time watching TV, playing games on mobile, and using many electronic gadgets.

Let’s have a look at the type of outdoor activities for kids to get them off the electronics.

Delightful Outdoor Activities for Kids:

There are many outdoor activities for kids but need to promote them. If you want your children to play games outside and avoid the use of electronic gadgets you must encourage them. Try playing with them because kids tend to do what they observe in their environment.

We are going to introduce some of the most amusing outdoor activity ideas that will motivate your children to go out and have fun with their friends. We are sure that they will play to the fullest.

Water Balloon T-Ball/ Baseball

Grab either your t-ball set or just a baseball bat according to your kid’s ability level. Pre-fill a bunch of water balloons. Put them in a laundry basket or a plastic tub. Now head on to the park and invite your kids’ friends to play! This is one of the most entertaining outdoor activities for kids

Hula Hoop Race & Catch

This simple activity is so much fun and simple. You’ll need multiple hula hoops. Head to an area of green space and have the children lined up. Hold the hula hoops vertically and roll them with as much force as you can along the ground. Call out each children’s name and have them run after the hoop to catch it. Every time they bring back a hoop, throw another one.

Cool Scavenger Hunt

Collect some items you’re sure to find in the park (wood chips, leaves, pebbles, etc.). Stick them on to a piece of paper using tape and have your children find those items.

Kids Made Obstacle Course

Grab Hula Hoops, a toy tunnel, cones, pylons and anything else you think of. Ask your children to organize an obstacle course in a fun and challenging way.

A Mellow Gardening

kids gardening

If your kid loves gardening, then this is one of the coolest outdoor activity ideas to try out. If you are planning out to set up a herb garden, enlist his help to finish the project.

Pleasant Walking


Encouraging your kid to go out for a walk with you is a subtle way to spend some time with him/her and initiate him to fitness and exercise. How about a family walking trip into a garden before an Ice-cream treat to his favorite ice-cream parlor after the dinner?

Go to an Amusement Park

amusement park

Get out there with your kid and have a blast. Kids love having fun at amusement parks, play games, win their favorite gifts and eat cotton candies. Initiate this amazing trip with your kid because it is the most subtle way to spend time with your kid.

Movie Marathon

Conduct an Avengers marathon with your family as kids these days love to watch superhero movies. Get everyone’s favorite food, stay up late and make it a special event. There will be some of the most unexpected conversations along the way.

These were some of the most fun and simple outdoor activities for kids. Get off your kids from electronic gadgets and let them live a childhood to remember. These outdoor activity ideas will help you spend some quality time with your kids and make them take risks in their lives.

Fun and Simple Outdoor Activities for Today’s Kids

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