Game Rules for Life: How Do You Play It!

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 19, 2019

Our life is also like a game. It has also ups and down. Sometimes we win or lose. Sometimes we become disappointed, sometimes we are happy. This game can teach us a lesson of life; teach us to face ups and downs of life and how to win all the stages of life. Now, we are going to learn the game rules for life.

The game of life is full of fun for teenagers. This game can educate them. We can call it an educational game also. It is a popular game in America. There are many updated versions of this game have been introduced to us recently. Maximum 6 players are allowed. You can invite your friends also. Your entire family can play this game and enjoyment the whole day.

Game Rules for Life

Let’s Have a Look at the Game Rules for Life

The game of life is also called “Life”. It is a board game. Many 3d pieces are attached to the board making this game even more interested. We would tell you the game rules for life. We are very confident that once you play this game, you will get engrossed in this game. Before you start playing this game, you are supposed to understand the game of life cards and then go on a journey of life with many twist and turns. The rules are easy to understand.

While playing a life game, use these tricks to earn more money. If you put preference on college first, you will have an abundant career and salary options. You can face more hurdles and fun by having different career selection. When other players approach your career spaces, you will be rewarded.

First of all, attach the parts to the game board. You have many cards such as spinner, insurance policies, and bank loan cards that are capable of creating twists and turns throughout your life's journey. Each life tile indicates your achievements and dollar amount which is going to be added to your own amount at the end of the play. To get more amounts, the players are supposed to collect more life tiles as much as they can, when the game is near the climax. You will have four types of cards on the board. They are salary, career, house deeds, and stock cards. You are supposed to separate those cards and put them all faced downstairs near the board. The pile of automobile insurance policies is separated, insurance policies and bank loans faced downwards near the board.

According to game rules for life, you are supposed to assign one player, who can take responsibility for a banker and pave a way for money and loans during the game. Before you start playing a game, separate the amount according to denomination and Distribution of $10,000 amount to each player. As per the game rules for life, every player must choose one car including colors. One peg is installed in the driver’s seat to indicate the player.

Game Rules for Life in Detail

Game Rules for Life

1. The prime purpose of this game is to take retirement with ample wealth and achievements according to the life tiles, no matter who ends the game first.

2. The maximum 2-6 player can play this game.

3. In this game, every player ought to spin the wheel and those who have the highest spin are allowed to play and choose college and career their own term. Then after, you can play according to clockwise.

4. During your turn, you can get more salary and career option, if you choose a career and college.

5. If you go to college then place your car on Start College. You can borrow $40,000 from the bank for guidance. Then after a spin and go ahead.

6. Put your car on start career if you choose career option. Take three cards and pick one among them. If you get a "Degree required" card you can draw again. After getting your career card, draw three salary cards and pick one of them. Place your career and salary cards faced upward. Finally, you can go ahead.

7. When it is your turn, spin wheel. Spin again if it stops between two numbers. Reach the number of spaces as represented by a spin wheel.

8. Once you move forward, you can’t move back. You have to move your car your ahead.

9. You can’t stay any longer in a space which is already occupied. You have to move forward. Your turn ends when you finish the given task and directions.

10. You are supposed to repay the bank loan with interest at the time of your retirement.

11. Once you retire at the end of the game, you have to stop even if you have some advantages on your side.

12. Confirm first, would you go with Millionaire Estates or Countryside Acres? If you are rich enough to retire then choose one.

13. Taking retirement at Millionaire Estates is not a safe move. In case, the pile runs out of tiles, the player can take life tile from you by reaching the life tiles.

14. You will be safe if you retire at Countryside Acres. You can take life tile. If the pile runs out of tiles, the players cannot grab life tiles from you.

15. The players who retire at Millionaire Estates must count their money.

16. If you are declared the richest player. You will be given four life tiles. If there is a tie between two players, each player is given two tiles.

17. Each player must count their life tiles adding the dollar amounts. Count the values of life tiles and cash together.

18. The player who has the highest amount is declared a winner.

Conclusion of Game Rules for Life

We have just introduced the game rules for life. We hope you are very well familiar with this game, then hurry up and get this game. You get tremendous experiences of life as it is close to the reality of our own life.

Game Rules for Life: How Do You Play It!

Kevin Brown

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